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Virtual streets for virtual SUV

Nissan's marketing men clearly have too much time on their hands. Nissan has just created a new website for the Quashqai SUV, and it contains little information about the car.

You might have thought that a website about a car should tell you about the car – the engines available, trim options – that sort of thing. But while lets you choose (unreal-looking) exterior colours and wheels, it's more interested in letting you select the virtual environment for your virtual Qashqai.

Having chosen the colour of your car, you can select a number of different walls to park it against. You can add pigeons, graffiti and any number of US-style post boxes. And all to show just how "urban-proof" the Qashqai is. Funnily enough, there's no option to show the Qashqai with its wheels missing, the window smashed and the alarm going off.

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