Currently reading: Vauxhall to showcase OnStar in-car connectivity at Geneva motor show
Multi-function connectivity package will be introduced to Vauxhall's range in the second half of this year

Vauxhall will preview a new in-car connectivity package for its range at next month’s Geneva motor show.

The mainstream car maker plans to incorporate OnStar’s multi-function connectivity service, owned by parent company General Motors, into its range later this year. It provides numerous features, including 24-hour emergency assistance, an in-car wi-fi hotspot and vehicle data access through the company’s own smartphone app.

At the touch of a button, OnStar’s emergency assistance offers a priority connection to an advisor, who can direct emergency services to the driver’s exact location. If an airbag deploys, the emergency assistance system will be automatically activated.

A roadside assistance feature uses GPS technology to locate and contact a nearby service provider and direct them to the car’s location.

OnStar says up to seven mobile devices can be connected simultaneously to the system’s wi-fi hotspot.

Connection to the smartphone app allows users to lock and unlock the car, request vehicle diagnostics information and monitor data such as tyre pressures and engine oil condition. If the car is stolen, OnStar says it "will work closely with police to locate the stolen vehicle".

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