Once known as Junior, the new Vauxhall city car will take the fight to the Mini and Fiat 500 in 2013

Vauxhall/Opel’s new style-led city car will be called Adam. The new car, which had been known as Junior up until now, is tipped to be unveiled at the Paris motor show in September. It will go on sale early next year as Vauxhall’s answer to the Mini and Fiat 500.

The ‘Junior’ name was considered for the production model. However, Vauxhall decided that it was “not mature enough” for the car, which aims to give an image boost to the Vauxhall brand as it looks to escape the middle ground and head upmarket.

The ‘Adam’ name was therefore settled upon, with Vauxhall saying that it has the added bonus of getting people talking about the car and polarising opinion.

“Adam has a mature character; it’s universal without being neutral,” said Vauxhall. “It’s something you’ll definitely have an opinion on.”

Vauxhall has confirmed that the Adam will be just 3.7m long, the same as the current Mini. It has accompanied the naming announcement with an official ‘spy’ pic that reveals the three-door, four-seat hatchback’s wide, squat and sporty stance. Mules have also been spotted at the Nürburging.

Design features include a convex rear window reminiscent of the original Ford Ka’s, and an arched roofline in the style of an Audi A1. Officially, Vauxhall describes its looks as “muscular and sporty”.The brief for the Adam has been to create a car that’s “chic and witty”, and one that doesn’t necessarily place an emphasis on functionality.

It will be highly customisable inside and out, like the Mini and 500, and despite its compact dimensions it will “not be cheap or low budget, just small”.

Vauxhall said: “It’s something a bit different for us and the market.” It is likely to command a price premium over the larger Corsa.

Our Verdict

Vauxhall Adam

Is the Vauxhall Adam supermini special enough to provide an answer to the Fiat 500 and Mini, or merely an exercise in style and marketing?

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Underneath the Adam is General Motors’ new small car platform that has been designed in Korea. It is also set to appear beneath the next-generation Corsa. Engineering has taken place in Germany and the Adam will be exclusively built at Opel’s Eisenach plant.

The core engine range will be new economy-focused three-cylinder petrol and diesel units. However, insiders have previously confirmed that the engine bay has been designed in two different sizes to house larger, sportier four-cylinder engines. An all-electric version is also planned for 2015.

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8 May 2012

Junior is not mature, but Adam is?

It sounds like a character from a Thomas the Tank Engine episode.

"Adam was stuck on the level crossing, and Henry was fast approaching! Oh noes!"

I can see that they're trying to mirror the success of the branding of TV channel Dave (what was UKTVG2). Will they rename the rest of their cars too, things like "Drive", "Family", "Today"

8 May 2012

Will there be an 'Eve' variant to follow with a larger boot? Sorry....

8 May 2012

[quote Aly1000]Will there be an 'Eve' variant to follow with a larger boot? Sorry....[/quote]

It'll be created around the wishbone from an Adam.

8 May 2012

[quote Aly1000]Will there be an 'Eve' variant to follow with a larger boot? Sorry....[/quote]

and larger airbags.

"Adam"? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

8 May 2012

“It’s something you’ll definitely have an opinion on.”


8 May 2012

Adam Apple: Only two colours, red and green.

Adam Ant: Navajo war stripes as standard.

Adam Fig Leaf: Hybrid version.

A-dam Menace: Sports version, 250 bhp.

"Vauxhall - thinking outside the Bible."

(Well, the New Testament.)

8 May 2012

I'll bet the Adam name is more to do with Opel as their founder was ADAM Opel.... Just a thought... :)

8 May 2012

I always worry about manufacturers using Christian names because of the associations we as people have with them.

Adam for me is the annoying little tosser who I went to school with.......



It's all about the twisties........

8 May 2012

[quote sorrel]I'll bet the Adam name is more to do with Opel as their founder was ADAM Opel.... Just a thought... :)[/quote]


And presumably the Vauxhall version will be called Alexander (which could tie in with some Meerkats, like they did with the Corsa muppets)

8 May 2012

I like SniffPetrol's suggestion of some of the different trim levels:

"Buyers will be offered the Adam ‘Woodyatt’ - which promises to stay looking broadly the same for over 25 years, though Vauxhall warns that it probably won’t go anywhere in that period either. Finally, at the top of the range, the Adam ‘Ant’ - this model will boast additional exterior trim including frilly wheelarches and an inexplicable white band below the headlamps. ‘Ridicule is nothing to be scared of,’ said a Vauxhall spokesman yesterday."


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