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Vauxhall’s Insignia VXR SuperSport will hit 170mph and cost just £29,995

Vauxhall is relaunching its range-topping Insignia VXR as the most affordable car to boast a supercar-rivalling 170mph top speed. Badged ‘Insignia VXR SuperSport’, its top speed is boosted by the removal of the speed limiter, which adds 15mph to its V-max.

At the same time, Vauxhall is slashing nearly £4000 off the Insignia VXR’s price by dropping it to £29,995.

There are no direct rivals to the VXR SuperSport as no other relatively affordable four-door saloon boasts a supercar-grade top speed. The Cayman S two-seater is the closest performance and price rival, with a 172mph top end and costing from £48,000. 

Four-seaters with a 170mph top speed are even thinner on the ground. Autocar’s favourite BMW M5 boasts a 155mph top speed in standard form, and a £73,000 price.

The VXR SuperSport is not the first time that Vauxhall has launched a sledgehammer performance saloon. In 1990, when Vauxhall parent GM also owned Lotus, it turned the rear-wheel-drive Carlton executive saloon into a 176mph super-saloon.

Power came from a 377bhp twin-turbo 3.6-litre straight six. It was priced at £48,000, making the VXR SuperSport look good value in comparison.

The VXR SuperSport is powered by a 2.8-litre V6 engine, which gets a forged steel crank and alloy sump. It is equipped with a single twin-scroll, turbocharger. 

The engine develops 320bhp and drives a torque-sensing all-wheel drive system. The car has adaptive damping and the sophisticated HiPer strut suspension at the front end in place of the conventional MacPherson struts fitted to mainstream Insignias. 

The SuperSport can sprint from zero to 60mph in just 5.6sec and is identified by the blue ‘Brembo’ lettering on the brake calipers and a recalibrated speedo.

Orders are being taken now at VXR dealerships.

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AndyWolves 8 November 2012

I like it.

You know, I like it.. If I had the dosh, I'd get one. At least I'd be a rare sight compared to the hundreds 'n' thousands of *yawn* BM's & Audi's.

jer 7 November 2012

some credit due

If I remember the reviews and comments from owners these are secure handling fine riding cars with great seats decent build and a good standard spec. Engine was not as sharp as hoped a bit dozy and fuel economy poor. A fine riding 4wd drive performance car at reasonable money deserves credit. The depreciation for options on an road test spec Audi or BMW would cover the cost of depreciation on this whole car. 

507 7 November 2012

Censorship saving Vauxhall?

VX220EDDIE wrote:

"I would like to see autocar stop running any information regarding new vauxhalls in the future, as i have said before its just another opportunity for idiots on here to slate them".


 Somehow I don´t think censorship is the answer to the problems with this product. Possibly the vehicle itself would benefit from being censored out of the infinitisimal market it might have. I would describe it as automotive desperation combined with vulgar taste.