More than half of the UK's Vauxhall Adam allocation has been pre-sold, despite deliveries not starting until March

More than 4000 Vauxhall Adams have already been ordered in the UK, despite the first cars only coming down the production line just over a month ago and deliveries not due to begin until next month. That is more than half the allocation expected to be given to the UK to sell this year.

With demand across Europe strong for the Adam, and only the Eisenach factory in Germany equipped to build the highly bespoke car, demand is expected to outstrip supply during its first year on sale.

“The amount of interest is incredibly encouraging,” said a Vauxhall spokesman. “The level of individuality people can specify seems to have caught the imagination, and we’re more than confident of achieving our sales goals in the UK.”

Vauxhall says there are more than four billion different ways of specifying the Adam, made up of 60,000 exterior combinations and 40,000 interior combinations. Among the more unexpected options are a sky-coloured roofliner, or a roofliner fitted with LEDs.

“The focus is on making these cars personal,” said the spokesman. “We’ve worked hard to keep costs sensible and, while there’s still a big job to do, we are in there fighting with the Fiat 500 and Mini.”

The Eisenach factory has been kitted out to build each Adam order on a bespoke basis, meaning that building each car shouldn’t take longer than standard. “From the first pressings, we know exactly what’s destined to go on each car,” said the spokesman, “There’s no room for error, and we’re geared up for supplying exactly what the customer wants.”


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Vauxhall Adam

Is the Vauxhall Adam special enough to provide an answer to the Fiat 500 and Mini, or merely an exercise in style and marketing?

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13 February 2013

It looks small, smaller than a mini. Not particularly exciting.

13 February 2013

I'm glad.

Vauxhall/Opel may not produce cars that get motoring journalists excited but they do produce solid, good quality vehicles and it would be nice to see them succeed. Maybe I'm the only one who has a soft spot for GM's European arm, but I think the market would be a worse place without them.

13 February 2013

brilliant news for GM and Opel/Vauxhall. i can understand the appeal with this car, as others have said potential buyers of this car are not interested on what car journalists have to say. haha if Holden Australia did get this car i hope they wouldnt consider calling it Amanda. what a flop that would be

13 February 2013

if the Adam is built to each customer's spec then you would expect this level of orders, surely? I don't really understand why Vauxhall is crowing about this, although to be fair treating their products as individual cars rather than commodities is probably new to them.

13 February 2013

scrap wrote:

if the Adam is built to each customer's spec then you would expect this level of orders, surely? I don't really understand why Vauxhall is crowing about this, although to be fair treating their products as individual cars rather than commodities is probably new to them.

Yes, because all of those dull, grey German clones are so individual.  Since when does any mainstream manufacturer treat cars as anything other than a commodity? You clearly have a beef with Vauxhall - as do many people - and I really wish you'd all lay off.

13 February 2013

GME can either listen to its critics or it can shout them down. Doesn't affect me which course of action they choose, but they are running out of time.

You make a decent point about German cars though. Time was when almost every BMW or Merc was personalised in some way, even down to the radio (Merc never included one as standard, so the customer had to choose one from the options list or fit their own!)

Nowadays, almost every premium German motor seems to be a 4 cylinder diesel and sold in their 1,000s through lease schemes.

13 February 2013

It's good to see that buyers don't always listen to magazines.

13 February 2013

Good news for Vauxhall / Opel.

I will say though, if the UK has only be allocated 8000 units for 2013, they clearly have been realistic about production numbers for this car and they aren't trying to flood the market.

Let's hope it's as profitable as they predicted for them.



It's all about the twisties........

13 February 2013

A decent start, but I still dont see this suceeding long term. It doesnt have the badge, the style, the engines or the residuals to compete in its sector unless it gets heavily discounted in the future.

13 February 2013

Does this mean that people are buying these cars without even driving them?

I've never understood that, even the lowest priced ones are a lot of money to commit to (to me anyway) so I'd want a good poke around and drive before I'd pay anything. I don't think its ever a good idea to buy a car right at the beginning of its production run anyway. Still, in this market maybe its only the looks of the car that are of interest to the buyers?


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