Nissan unveils updates to its GT-R
22 October 2009

Nissan has quietly released an updated version of the GT-R at the Tokyo motor show.

Visually the car is virtually identical, although there are now rear diffuser cooling ducts that were previously only available on the Spec-V.

Under the skin the GT-R has tweaked suspension settings to increase comfort slightly while not affecting roadholding, according to Nissan.

The catalysts now have better flow to improve low and mid-range responsiveness. The navigation system has also been updated.

The hardcore Spec-V models receive revised rear shock absorber settings to improve both ride and handling.

Currently the changes are only available for the Japanese market GT-Rs.

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21 October 2009

is this not just the 2010 model year ?

21 October 2009

Definately going to hurt values od previous cars. I will be interesting to see when the first cars can be bought privately for sub 40k for a uk car. Not that long me thinks!

21 October 2009

I doubt it will effect values at all.

21 October 2009

[quote beachland2] I doubt it will effect values at all.[/quote]

I work buying cars in the trade, on that basis i suspect it will as it will be a feature that will differentiate the cars. Also a slide in values in recent weeks doubled up with the starker winter month will drive back values at an alarming rate i expect.

22 October 2009

What else can they do to the car?, the thing is nigh on perfect, on the road you'd be mad to exploit all it's talent,and on the track you'd need ten times the talent to feel the difference!,Nissan should be working on tne replacement now not tweaking the current car.

Peter Cavellini.

22 October 2009

so - you suspect and expect used car values to fall in winter - you must have a real live crystal ball to predict that - I also expect that the daylight hours will get shorter and the temperature will drop too ... ;o)

22 October 2009

[quote 38carssofar]so - you suspect and expect used car values to fall in winter - you must have a real live crystal ball to predict that - I also expect that the daylight hours will get shorter and the temperature will drop too ... ;o)[/quote]

As you point out, that is a given! Its just that in general this year used car prices have been extremely strong - due mainly to lack of supply (again obvious). this is now turning round, for the first month this year values have dropped in the 'book' and auctions are not providing the return that they were for trade cars etc.

New cars are now selling well and linked to the fact that the recession is quite clearly not over the relative 'over pricing' of used cars was always likely to see some realignment, as it has done on so many occasions in the past. I reckon the high point (or at least the point at which values turned) was about 2 weeks ago. Link that to increased supply of pre reg and yoou get a reduction in values of even the best used cars. Dealers are also likely to become more picky and less willing to throw big money at second division cars.

22 October 2009

If I were shelving out £50k + for one of these, my main concern would be whether I were buying the latest version or one that had been collecting dust in the showroom for a couple of weeks.

As with Impreza's & Evo's, scarceley a week goes by without yet another new version being releasd onto the market.

24 October 2009

No it's the series III GTR due out next year, this is not the Series II with the improved LC2 but the next version with new Spec V bits and bobs. I'm looking forward to it!

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