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A hardcore track-focused version of the Nissan GT-R will go on sale in the UK in early 2012

A hardcore track-focused version of the Nissan GT-R will go on sale in the UK for the first time in early 2012 alongside a revised version of the standard sports car. A 20bhp power hike, improved fuel economy, lower CO2 emissions and a new asymmetric suspension system are among the improvements to the 2012 edition of the standard GT-R.

Nissan has yet to confirm full details of the hardcore GT-R destined for UK shores, but has confirmed it will be for drivers who “enjoy a more track biased experience in their Nissan GT-R”. Expect the current Club Track edition of the GT-R on sale in Japan to form the basis of the latest version of the GT-R, with modifications to make it legal for road use.

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In the standard GT-R, power from its turbocharged 3.8-litre V6 engine has been increased to 542bhp at 6400rpm (up from 525bhp at 6400rpm) and torque has been increased by 15lb ft to 466lb ft at 3200-5800rpm. The six-speed dual-clutch transmission has also been refined and made quieter.

A 0-62mph of 2.8sec has been confirmed by Nissan and top speed remains unchanged at 196mph. Economy and CO2 figures are yet to be confirmed, but expect these to be 24mpg and 275g/km respectively.

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Nissan claims engine response and torque at mid and low speeds, and power at higher speeds, has been bolstered by enhancements including: improved intake efficiency, better airflow resistance, improved exhaust efficiency and enhanced control and improved exhaust valve cooling performance.

The body has been stiffened, particularly around the rear of the engine mountings and the dash panel, to bolster handling response and grip.

A clever new asymmetrical suspension system for right-hand drive GT-Rs features a firmer spring rate for the front left suspension and a lower mounting of the right arm on the rear suspension. This ensures the car is at its optimum balance when a driver is onboard. The result, says Nissan, is improved steering feel, ride comfort and cornering stability.

A price tag of around £73,500 is expected to be confirmed by Nissan for the revised GT-R when order books open next month.

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