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The 2012 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 has been unveiled at the Brussels motor show with a Euro 5 engine
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18 January 2012

The 2012 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 will cost £62,285 when it goes on sale on March 1. Just one model will be offered, with a comprehensive level of equipment.

The Land Cruiser V8’s 4.5-litre turbodiesel has been revised to comply with Euro 5 standards. A diesel particulate filter has been fitted, allowing the main exhaust silencer to be reduced in size to improve fuel efficiency, noise and vibration.

Toyota’s Crawl Control now works with a world-first Turn Assist, which brakes the inside rear wheel when in low-range and under 6mph, allowing the Land Cruiser to execute tighter turns. Braking force increases with the steering angle, reducing the vehicle’s turning radius.

Multi-terrain Select modifies the throttle, brakes and traction control to suit a variety of off-road situations. Four cameras work in conjunction with MTS to show views of the front, rear and sides of the car to highlight blind spots and avoid hidden obstacles. Guidelines showing the predicted path of the tyres and length and width lines assist the driver to judge distances.

Externally, the 2012 car has revised headlamps with LED daytime running lights, chrome side mouldings and new rear lights. The front bumper has a sharply-trimmed lower section to avoid compromising off-road approach angles.

The cabin has a new audio panel, colour TFT multi-function display and chrome-plated details. The front seats now have a cooling function in addition to built-in heaters, the 40:20:40 rear seats can now slide fore and aft independently, and the centre seat folds to create an armrest.

An optional premium entertainment package is offered, which includes two eight-inch seatback-mounted monitors designed for a clear view from a wide angle range, and to be resilient to vibration on the move. It can play a wide range of file formats, such as DVD, CD, USB and SD cards and the screens can work independently to show different films or games consoles.

The most sophisticated version of Toyota’s latest multimedia system is fitted. Toyota Touch Pro enables connection to Google Local Search and Google Maps via a compatible smartphone.


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Toyota Land Cruiser V8

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12 January 2012

This will be a nye on unstoppable off road. I do like the land cruiser, i know its not pretty but its the most utilitarian 4X4 you can buy and dont have to worry about getting dirty and it breaking down.

12 January 2012

For some reason, I have always fancied one of these far more than a Rangie. Can anyone tell me why?

13 January 2012

[quote Mario B]For some reason, I have always fancied one of these far more than a Rangie. Can anyone tell me why?[/quote]

Maybe cause this will never break? and most likely do 200k miles without a single problem?

13 January 2012

Mario, Mr K1NZ has it in one. Range Rovers (there are multitudes of the bloody things in this part of the UK) are overly complex and are always breaking down. I think they are better now than they used to be back in the early 2000s when I ran a 4.0 Discovery II, but LR still languishes near the bottom of reliability surveys.

The Land Cruiser, by contrast, would be a car you could get 400,000 miles out of. I know which I'd rather have if I was in the market for road-going tank.

13 January 2012

I know this is almost pointless in the UK, and its far too expensive to proper off roading, but its still an amazing piece of kit. I am pleased they have bothered to bring it uptodate for us, it can hardly be worth their while, and they will probably lose money on them with the current exchange rate.

13 January 2012

Subtle improvements to allow it do what it does best, better.

These are incredible vehicles, if you need to use them for what they are designed for although in the UK there is often little opportunity.

I would say I am glad Toyota have resisted the urge to turn this in to a Range Rover competitor but I know they know there are certain parts of the world where only this vehicle will do.

13 January 2012

Fabulous off-road car, I once made a vacation with a group of enthusiasts off-roaders in Tunisia, one of them had a Land Cruiser 100, it flew on the dunes. But it is shame buying one of these and not using it properly, too all terrain capable for our roads...

What I think is not evolving well is the design of these kind of vehicles, look how looked better the 1980 model:

13 January 2012

[quote Mario B]For some reason, I have always fancied one of these far more than a Rangie. Can anyone tell me why?[/quote]

I can't tell you why but I'm in total agreement.


13 January 2012

I drove an open topped Land Cruiser in Zululand 25 years ago. In its natural habitat, it felt like what it was, a superb piece of engineering handling the terrain with total ease. It had such a feel-good factor and was so competent that my passenger repeatedly had to ask me to slow down. Driving under the African skies, rifle beside me (for defence against dangerous animals, only had to use warning shots), life felt so good.

13 January 2012

I'm not completely convinced that these are as bulletproof as made out. The engine is basically two of their 2.2 D4D units linked on a common crank.

The 2.2L engines are notorious for repeated head gasket failure (among other issues), so I imagine having not one, but two of these dodgy cylinder heads under the bonnet is seriously asking for trouble!

No thanks. I'd rather have a Range Rover with the excellent TDV8.

Like I have that dilemma.... :)


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