Currently reading: Tiny triplets hatched

PSA Peugeot-Citroën and Toyota have presented the fruit of their unprecedented production agreement – the Peugeot 107, Citroën C1 and Toyota Aygo city car triplets. The three cars have been designed and engineered side-by-side, as part of a joint venture between PSA and Toyota signed just four years ago.

Toyota has largely been responsible for the primary mechanicals – the shared structure, chassis and basic layout – as well as the three-cylinder 68bhp 1.0-litre petrol engine. In turn, PSA has developed and sourced the lion’s share of the internal components and the 53bhp 1.4-litre HDi diesel engine.

All three cars sit on the same platform and 92 per cent of their componentry is identical. Just 3.4 metres long, 1.6 metres wide and 1.5 metres tall, they will rank among the smallest cars in the UK when they go on sale this summer – only the two-seat Smart Fortwo will be discernibly smaller. However, all three will offer accommodation for four and both three- and five-door body styles.

The outward similarity between the cars is most pronounced between the C1 and 107. The profile and body side of both French cars is almost identical, with the biggest distinguishing marks being the shape of the bonnet, headlights and grille. At the rear, clear-lensed light clusters set the C1 apart from the 107.

Toyota’s Aygo looks the most individual of the three. Although its basic outline and proportions are the same, the Japanese maker’s stylists have given the Aygo distinctly different front and rear styling, and the bonnet, nose, bumpers and rear lights are all unique.

Citroën’s C1 will arrive first in June. It’s likely to be the cheapest at around £5995.

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