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Model S in 2012, two new models in 2013 and 2014

Tesla chairman Elon Musk has revealed ambitious plans to expand the company's model line up quickly once the Tesla Model S is launched in 2012.

The Model S will cost around £33,000 when it goes on sale in two years time - less than half the price of the Roadster. It will have a range of 300 miles and the battery will be able to be swapped in a minute. It is also being billed as having an advanced 17-inch touch screen in the interior, and a large amount of storage space.

Musk told US magazine Autoweek that the company wanted to expand at "a rapid pace".

The Roadster is set to be discontinued once the Model S comes on stream, but new products - including a crossover - are expected to follow in both 2013 and 2014. To date, around 1200 Roadsters have been sold in 25 countries, and a cheaper, second generation model is expected to be built.

Musk also said he expects much of his company's growth to come from partnership deals. Daimler has an eight per cent share holding in Teesla, and it will supply batteries and chargers for the electric Smart car and electric technology for the Mercedes A-class.

“The smallest effect Tesla will make will be the cars we make ourselves,” Musk said. “The biggest effect will be the cars they [other companies] make.”

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