Currently reading: Superb estate starts at £17,715
Skoda's cavernous estate will undercut key rivals

Skoda’s Superb Estate will cost from £17,715 when it reaches UK showrooms in February.

The 125bhp 1.4 TSI model costs considerably less than two of its nearest rivals – the 108bhp 1.6 Ford Mondeo estate, which costs from £19,895 and the 108bhp 1.6 Volvo V70, from £23,245.

A choice of six engines will be offered, including three petrol and three diesel units. The top-of-the-range model is the 3.6-litre V6 260bhp DSG 4x4.

Three rim levels will be offered - S, SE and Elegance – with standard equipment including 16-inch alloy wheels, climate control and split folding rear seats.

The Superb estate also beats its two rivals on boot space with the rear seats folded flat. It can hold 1865 litres to the Mondeo’s 1733 litres and the V70’s 1600 litres.

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BigEd 18 December 2009

Re: Superb estate from £17,715

ThwartedEfforts wrote:
About four inches of Global Warming bollox here this morning

get your CV into the Met office/BBC. you're just the type.

they could use someone like you, although you're probably not a bird or scotch and have a mush only for radio . the 8" in Kent and 10" heavy falls in Yorkshire were described by sundry BBC bint thus: 'a smattering'.

BBC motto - ' Muppets shall bollox unto muppets'

Bigchiefmuffin 18 December 2009

Re: Superb estate from £17,715

For what it is worth, I bought my wife an Octavia Estate 2lt auto L&G and it is a fantastic car - comfortable, spacious, well equipped and well built.

I've owned everything from M5's to Ferrari's in my time ( and currently drive an Alpina ), yet I'm thinking about getting an Octavia VRS for my next car. I rate them now that highly

tannedbaldhead 18 December 2009

Re: Superb estate from £17,715

ThwartedEfforts wrote:

About four inches of Global Warming bollox here this morning and I'm delighted to report that the only two vehicles leaning on their passenger doors in ditches were an X5 and an XC90, their owners presumably under the impression a large, heavy car with low profile all weather tyres allows you to defy physics simply because double the number of wheels spin when you accelerate.

Hello, is that the AA?

Whilst a certain MX5 hauled its sorry ass from Hull to Darlington last night and on to Perth this morning without drama. However after 800 miles in 3 days am considering sticking the MX5 in the worse car I've driven catigory.

A car I would have thanked the world for this week would have been the Superb. I recon, the fundamental flaw Thwarted speaks off is the ugliest rear end of any car on the market. I'm not an anti-Skoda snob and if a fleet manager was to plonk certain models of the brand on my drive I would be reasonably happy. Now there's a good looking estate you can add the Superb to that list.