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Cosworth cranks up Subaru's hot hatch to produce 395bhp; just 75 to be built for UK only
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28 May 2010

This is Subaru's ultimate incarnation of the road-going Impreza, fettled by Cosworth to produce 395bhp and offer supercar-rivalling acceleration.

The Cosworth Impreza STi CS400 can get from 0-62mph in just 3.7sec, matching a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 and beating the Ford Focus RS’s time by more than two seconds. Top speed is limited to 155mph.

The standard STi’s 2.5-litre turbo engine gets high-performance pistons, high-strength steel conrods, Cosworth-spec engine bearings, a redesigned head gasket and a high-pressure oil pump. The turbocharger has also been modified, with a new compressor design and wastegate actuator.

A Cosworth-designed exhaust system and a remapped ECU complete the revisions, which also boost torque to 398lb ft.

The chassis is a joint effort between Cosworth, Bilstein and Eibach. The Impreza gets new coil springs and its ride height is 10mm lower. The front brakes are larger (355mm) AP Racing discs.

Styling tweaks include a new front bumper, foglights, mesh grilles and rear spoiler, and new 18in alloy wheels that help to widen the tracks by 12mm.

Inside, there’s a piano black centre console, privacy glass and new Recaro front seats.

Just 75 examples of the car will be made, all in right-hand drive and purely for the UK market. It’s available in just three colours: silver, dark grey and red.

The car will also be comfortably the most expensive road-going Impreza yet, at £49,995.

John McIlroy


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24 May 2010

Wow! I suppose this is what they would call a superhatch!

It's insane... I want one!

24 May 2010

[quote Autocar]and beating the Ford Focus RS’s time [/quote]

Not that anyone was thinking about the Focus RS alongside a Gallardo but thanks anyway Autocar! Since it's in the article, though, this is how Ford should have done the Focus RS500. IMHO, of course...

24 May 2010

[quote bomb]Since it's in the article, though, this is how Ford should have done the Focus RS500. IMHO, of course...[/quote] I can but agree...

24 May 2010

£50,000 !! Think about that for a moment; £50,000. Yes it's quick, but it's SO ugly, has no style or finesse and under the skin is just a cheap hatchback. Surely there are far more satisfying options out there, new and used. I guess it's not aimed at me, in the same way that lager and reality-TV are not aimed at me.

24 May 2010

The most amazing statistic for me ? £49995. Ouch !!!!

24 May 2010

This steroid abusing Subaru smashes the Focus RS into submission. This would piss all over the Focus. Yep, it costs 15k more than the RS500 and is worth it.

24 May 2010

Shame Subaru doesn't still rally, as then this would have serious cache. As it is I am sure it will be a copper bottomed investment piece, probably half will end up doing cameos in road wars on sky 3 while the others will sit hibernate in garages and collections. 50k is okay when you consider the performance, and potential return on investment.

24 May 2010

£50.000. for a Subaru,no thank you,i would have the

Lotus Evora.

OK, it may not be as fast but i would think it is a far better

drivers car,it all so looks a lot better.

24 May 2010

£50 k for the car. Another £50 k for the insurance.

I'd still have one if I had the cash spare. I like the idea of a crappy little ugly hatchback pissing all over virtually every other car on the road - and it will be a very rare sight.

24 May 2010

sounds like a greatly developed sports car. good value.

Evo 400 is £52.3k so its cheaper than its rivals.

perfect for a family of rally and track enthusiasts, will do all the practical jobs too.

For myself i would privately import a jap spec GTR. Which i think is nicer aswell as better performance.


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