Sales success as stop-start models roll out
12 April 2010

The new stop-start Land Rover Freelander has proved to be an unexpected success.

According to one senior source, sales of manual Freelanders have risen by 11-12 per cent as a direct consequence of the fuel-saving function.

Land Rover Freelander stop-start first drive review

Stop-start has raised all Land Rover Freelander models to over 41mpg and shaved emissions, dropping many models down a VED road tax band.

Unusually, the stop/start system is standard on all diesel-powered manual ‘box Freelanders sold across the world, which Land Rover reckons will save 10m tonnes of C02 a year, based on 28,000 cars each driving 15,000 miles.

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Land Rover Freelander

The Land Rover Freelander is classy and comfortable, but potentially pricey

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12 April 2010

I'm Sure it would be even more successful if they could fit it to Auto models as well.

12 April 2010

This has to be the worse bit of spin it would make even Tony Blair dizzy!!!!

Stop Start my backside. Sales of manual Freelanders rose because they have been banging out manual cut price 'specials' to fleets at £18K on the quiet, these models were not officially listed on their website. Now the deed is done and the sales figure raised the model has surreptitiously disappeared again. Pity I was even mildly tempted by it!

Of course whilst Stop Start made welcome improvements to the models emissions it wasn't enough to be relevant to any buying factors.

The truth is out there Scully.

12 April 2010

[quote The Apprentice]The truth is out there Scully. [/quote]

"Output at Jaguar Land Rover Soars!" - in the Press Office.

12 April 2010

And dealers were told to register loads to...

12 April 2010

[quote Fluffs]

And dealers were told to register loads to...


Yes, but as long as the media gets to print headlines like:

'Land Rover sets sales record'

all is well. It's like the red-tops printing a sensational headline, blackening someone's name, and then months later printing a retraction or apology on an inside page - the gullible idiots only remember the banner headline and not the nuanced real story of afterwards.

If the Land Rover dealers are offering Freelanders at knockdown prices and pre-registering by the bucketload, where is JLR getting the money to fund this cash-draining exercise? Mr Tata in India or European taxpayers, via loan guarantees and the like? If JLR should go bump in the next few years - by chasing unrealistic sales through below-cost sales practices - it'll be the Europeans who stand to lose their tax monies not the bankers or Mr Tata.

Vauxhall/Opel in UK and Europe and GM in America appear to be doing something similar - propping up fundamentally weak or declining sales, to make good headlines - whilst burning through cash unsustainably, cash directly from taxpayers or indirectly through loan guarantees.

12 April 2010

Unfortunately the general public seem to abandon a company in droves if they believe it's going down the pan. I guess that's why JLR, Vauxhall and so on undertake these practices. It's also why I believe SAAB has an awful lot of work to do to rub shoulders with Audi and Volvo again.

14 April 2010

[quote nicksheele]? Mr Tata in India or European taxpayers, via loan guarantees and the like? If JLR should go bump in the next few years - by chasing unrealistic sales through below-cost sales practices - it'll be the Europeans who stand to lose their tax monies not the bankers or Mr Tata.[/quote]

For your information JLR's loan guarantee's are supported by the State bank of India - not the western Europeans as you comment.

Goodness me what a bunch of cynics. Instead of saying what a great effort by LR - we're off on bashing them over discounts. Well I for one am glad a British based manufacturing firm, that employees 15,000 people (all paying taxes in the UK) is doing so well. And I don't agree that the majority of the sales are due to over discounting.

As for Tata - least you remember that they actually helped to company to last by loaning it over a $1bn when the UK government turned its back. Without tata the company and it's employees (in the UK) would have been in a very precarious position indeed. So think about that when some people posting off on one about British taxpayers money being lost......

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