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This Mercedes Benz B-class 'mule' has been spied undergoing winter weather tests

This Mercedes Benz B-class AMG test 'mule' has been spied undergoing winter weather tests. It is likely that the vehicle is being used to develop parts for other AMG performance variants, rather than pointing the way to a hot B-class.

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A similar B-class AMG ‘mule’ was also spied testing last month, and at the time company sources told Autocar that it was being used to the test the engine and running gear of the upcoming all-wheel drive AMG versions of the new A-class and CLC. Previous reports had suggested that Mercedes was planning to launch an AMG version of the B-class, but this now seems not to be the case.

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It is believed that power for the test B-class comes from a twin-scroll 2.0-litre direct-injection engine producing as much as 320bhp, and that engine will drive the Golf-sized A25 AMG five-door and baby CLS-style CLC25 AMG four-door. A new six-speed, dual-clutch gearbox and a Haldex-style four-wheel drive system with a multi-plate clutch will also feature.

Autocar understands that AMG is also using the B-class driveline mule to gather data on a possible performance version of Mercedes-Benz upcoming GLC, the junior Range Rover Evoque sized off-roader planned to share its underpinnings with the new A-, B- and CLC class and due out in 2013.

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petrolheadinrussia 27 January 2012

Re: Spy pics: Mercedes B-class AMG

The B class has never been a serious seller and I see very few of them. Can't imagine why they want to keep throwing good money after bad. I still am totally uninterested in this car.

TegTypeR 26 January 2012

Re: Spy pics: Mercedes B-class AMG

Saw a new B in the flesh yesterday and it is a lot better looking than it appears in the pictures.

If they aren't considering launching an AMG, then they should at least consider something warm, like the old B200 Turbo (remember that?).

supermanuel 25 January 2012

Re: Spy pics: Mercedes B-class AMG

matsoc wrote:
New B wants clearly to look more sporty than the previous model, inside and out. A proper sporty and fast model can help the rest of the lineup.

But that's not what the 'story' says. This isn't a B Class AMG at all.