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Ford Fiesta S1600 limited to 650 cars

This is the hot Ford Fiesta S1600, a limited special.

It is based on the Fiesta Zetec S and just 650 cars will be built.

The S1600 is powered by a 118bhp 1.6-litre Duratec Ti-VCT petrol engine, which can be boosted by 20bhp with an optional tuning package from Mountune.

Diesel buyers get the 94bhp 1.6 Duratorq TDCi unit.

Modifications include an aggressive front bumper, extended sideskirts, large rear spoiler, rear diffuser and 17-inch white alloys.

Inside there are heated leather sports seats with standard side-airbags, leather steering wheel, handbrake cover and gearknob, plus branded floor mats and scuff plates.

The Ford Fiesta S1600 is available now and costs from £16,665.

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rodenal 27 April 2010

Re: Sporty Ford Fiesta launched

I've never heard of anybody being found with a remap either- however I can only think of one or two incidents i've ever heard about where they actually had an undeclared map and i'm not sure the accidents were fault accidents so the at fault drivers insurance company could care less about them anyway.

They arent hard to trace and I can see why an insurance company would perhaps do a diagnostic check on the ecu if aftermarket alloys etc were fitted, just to give a complete view of how naughty the claimant had been when they declared the car 'as per manufacture'

Alot of 'modifications' are nonsense, for example if I don't know much about cars and I buy an audi which has audi wheels how am i to know if they should or shouldnt be on that particular model etc, I suspect the bigger a picture of how much the claimant has lied to the insurance company the more justification they have in refusing a claim.

It's pretty silly not declaring mods anyway, I can actually insure most cars cheaper WITH modifications through specialist insurers. If i have a bump, i'm paid for the value of those mods and everybody is happy

beachland2 27 April 2010

Re: Sporty Ford Fiesta launched

But again if something is already amiss, why bother looking for anything else, it would be a waste of time, undeclared led lights would void insurance. It is down to the insurers discretion really and what they feel like doing. They could refuse an innocent persons fully comp insurance claim for having an airfreshner in the car as an undeclared cosmetic alteration to the interior. Which strictly speaking it is, a modification attached to the trim of the interior.

But i also know of an insurer still paying out even after discovering the claimant had undeclared alloy wheels. they just told him to declare it afterwards so they could add a small increase in premium through admin to cover them.

Even though police say its the owners responsibility to be aware of modifications to the car you insure, in a court a judge would need evidence that the owner knew of them to be proven guilty. An insurance company is just not going to bother with all that, but they would use an admission of guilt that the driver blurts to the police when they ask about it and the driver doesnt use the right to remain silent.

i'm sure most void claims are through self incrimination.

Anyway thats my view, but i could do with reading some independent non sponsored reports on that.

catnip 27 April 2010

Re: Sporty Ford Fiesta launched

No, not a myth.The insurance assessors I meet at vehicle recovery garages through my work say that they are investigating cars a lot more deeply these days as its an increasing problem. Quite often its the digital photos the repairers send them, showing things as minor as additional aftermarket l.e.d. running lights, for example that make them want to take a closer look. You know how insurers can often make assumptions about the type of drivers.

I can only comment on my own experience.