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Ford Fiesta S1600 limited to 650 cars
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26 April 2010

This is the hot Ford Fiesta S1600, a limited special.

It is based on the Fiesta Zetec S and just 650 cars will be built.

The S1600 is powered by a 118bhp 1.6-litre Duratec Ti-VCT petrol engine, which can be boosted by 20bhp with an optional tuning package from Mountune.

Diesel buyers get the 94bhp 1.6 Duratorq TDCi unit.

Modifications include an aggressive front bumper, extended sideskirts, large rear spoiler, rear diffuser and 17-inch white alloys.

Inside there are heated leather sports seats with standard side-airbags, leather steering wheel, handbrake cover and gearknob, plus branded floor mats and scuff plates.

The Ford Fiesta S1600 is available now and costs from £16,665.


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26 April 2010

Looks OK, the current Fiesta is a good looking car if compromised in the packaging a little, huge amount of space between driver and leading edge of window causes it to be tight for a 6'3" person. How much are Mountune going to charge for releasing 20bhp though? In a naturally aspirated car this requires a lot more work than a simple remap would on a turbo/super charged car.

26 April 2010

Seems a lot of money for minor cosmetic changes and no extra power over the Zetec S.

26 April 2010

This is a joke right? I'd be embarrassed to drive it.

Ford needs to stop messing about and put some decent power into the Fiesta. Its a great looking little motor let down by a lacklustre range of engines.

26 April 2010

For 140bhp i think they would need new manifold and exhaust system, new filter/improved induction system and an ECU remap. should get away with not touching the engine internals.

Would need high octane petrol too.

26 April 2010

[quote Buzz Cagney]Ford needs to stop messing about and put some decent power into the Fiesta. [/quote]

agreed on that one however there is an ST version coming out and lets face it with todays soaring motoring costs i think this model fits the bill has got the looks more than decent equipment levels will be cheap on road tax and insurance. i give it the thumbs up!

26 April 2010

If ford are not doing an RS branded fiesta, they have the opportunity to do a WRC badged fiesta with high bhp, to go along side a WRC entry. 1.6 turbo good.

but please ford, no aluminium/silver colour interior trim, just keep things black/grey. But interesting design/shapes if you like. I would be looking for a stripped out interior model.

26 April 2010

[quote VX220EDDIE]with todays soaring motoring costs i think this model fits the bill has got the looks more than decent equipment levels will be cheap on road tax and insurance. [/quote]

Ah-ha, you had me going there for a minute.

It's £17k for a bog standard car with a go faster stripe.

26 April 2010

All bark, no bite.

26 April 2010

The Mountune upgrade consists of a completely new exhaust system, induction kit and an ECU remap. The upgrade will bring down the 0-60mph time to 7.9 seconds (worth noting this is the same as the Mk6 Fiesta ST 0-60 time) from 9.9.

I agree though, I think Ford should stop messing around with the styling and actually do some performance upgrades from the showroom, even if it's suspension upgrades.

Next year will be an interesting year for Ford and people looking to buy a new car, they have some exciting new powertrains entering the market with their new EcoBoost range and some new gadgets such as the MyFord Touch. They also have a new range of electric vehicles on the way.

The new Fiesta ST (rumoured to debut at Geneva 2011) could feature the 1.6T EcoBoost drivetrain with a 6 speed DuraShift gear box (probably as an option). Considering the weight of the new Fiesta, with an expected 180PS there will be some suprises with the performance of this vehicle.

As for an RS model, an interview with Jost Capito last year basically wrote this idea off. The Fiesta and the Focus are too much of a similar platform and if they did a Fiesta RS, it'd probably be quicker than the Focus which would be very annoying if you owned the Focus RS. I still think Ford should just go for it though and if they did I'd be first in the queue waiting for one!

26 April 2010

Not in a month of Sundays will an exhaust and remap release 20hp and take 2 seconds off the 0-60, doubt that info is accurate


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