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Rolls-Royce reveals pictures of two one-off Phantoms for the Middle East

Rolls-Royce has revealed pictures of two one-off Phantom models developed in co-ordination with its Middle East dealers: the Phantom Coupé Shaheen and the Phantom Baynunah.

The cars form part of a collection of one-off cars which have been designed by the Middle East dealers to showcase and sell.

See the pics of the Phantom Coupé Shaheen and the Phantom Baynunah

The four-door Phantom Baynunah’s interior and exterior styling features shades of beige and brown and has a tan ever-flex roof. It has been inspired by the landscape of the Baynunah area in the western region of Abu Dhabi famous for its sand dunes.

The inlay and marquetry are “inspired by the traditional, vibrant colours of an Arabian camel harness” according to Rolls-Royce and are made at the luxury car maker's headquarters in Goodwood, using individually cut hand-assembled pieces of coloured veneer.

The Phantom Coupé Shaheen has been inspired by the region’s famous falcon, the Shaheen, and has a marquise-white exterior with a red-and-seashell leather interior featuring falcon motifs embroidered into the head-rests.

No prices for the one-off models have been released. The base price in the Middle East is $381,000 (£245,000) for the standard Phantom, and $408,000 (£262,000) for the standard Phantom Coupé, not including delivery or VAT.

Rolls-Royce has eight dealerships across the Middle East in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Jeddah, Kuwait City, Manama, Muscat and Riyadh.See all the latest Rolls-Royce reviews, news and video

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coolboy 25 August 2010

Re: Special Rolls Phantoms launched

thank you SpiritofSenna, really!

indeed I knew everything you had written on your post, really.

nice thing is, I may not like that much, the Arabs, the Americans, the Germans, the British... be we are all here, so let`s be good mates... and when needed let`s punch each others. after a good discussion and a couple of pints

nice folks you guys

Overdrive 24 August 2010

Re: Special Rolls Phantoms launched

coolboy wrote:

as usual this corner is full-packed of very sensitive gentlemans

always complaining, if not soccer mums in SUVs are the footballers themselfs, if not the Americans, the Arabs...

what`s up? thanks the Germans took over some British marques, otherwise it would have been British Leyland part2.

And the Phantoms don`t look bad taste or pointless, same cannot be said about some TVR, Caterhams, Lotus...

nice country, nice folks!

Didn't you know? We love to sit in judgement (read negative judgement at that, for the most part) of anything that happens to incur our disapproval in the slightest, on this here forum.

Anything that doesn't accord with our exact taste, any type of car or driver (a particular favourite that, i.e. the type of people of drive certain cars) that don't conform to our precise view of life get the "oh how vulgar", "oh what a badge snob", "oh how hideous" etc etc, treatment.

Never mind that those "know nothing Arabs" with their "vulgar tastes" pay a lot of money for these "vulgar objects", which actually helps keep manufacturing jobs in this country....the relatively few that still remain here anyway.

SpiritOfSenna 24 August 2010

Re: Special Rolls Phantoms launched


FYI, "British Leyland part2" was the tragedy that we call "Rover". Rover was purchased by BMW who then sold it for £10 when they found that they couldn't save it (or maybe didn't want to save it, for commercial reasons), although they did apparently keep many of the marques that belonged to Rover, which has always struck me as a bit rude.

Rolls Royce was not a part of Rover. I believe that it was a subsidiary of British Aerospace before it was sold to Volkswagen. At the time of the sale to Volswagen, BMW managed to buy the rights to the Rolls Royce name for £40 million, which many people thought was more than a bit rude.

Now let's turn it around the other way. Which country has started two world wars in the last century? Which country was largely rebuilt by the western allies following WW2? Which car company was largely rebuilt by the organisational skill and determination of a British Army officer, following the German surrender? From which country was BMW's pre-war engineering largely sourced? You can probably guess the answer to questions 1 & 2, but may be surprised to learn that the answer to number 3 is VW and the answer to number 4 is the UK.

I'm only telling you these things because you seem to think that we should be grateful to the Germans for buying some British marques. They didn't buy them for love, but in order to make a profit. There's no crime in what they have done, but also no virtue.

As for the cars, they are simply vulgar. If you were British (which you are clearly not), you might possibly have some understanding of why these cars are beyond the pale - not that you will have a clue what that means, and yes, I'm laughing at the idea of you thumbing through your dictionary.

As for comparing Rolls Royce with TVR, Caterham, and Lotus - well, I am simply shocked by your stupidity.

coolboy wrote:
nice country, nice folks!

If you don't like it, why are you here?

Or to put it another way, why don't you just phuque off?

OK, that's my spleen vented for the afternoon.