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New VW roadster could be rebadged

Volkswagen’s Bluesport roadster could eventually be sold by Seat and Audi, as the VW Group searches for ways to make production of the diesel two-seater cost-effective.

The BlueSport has been designed to be reconfigured with unique bodies and different dimensions.

Project leader Marco Fabiano told Autocar that the car’s new mid-engined platform has been designed in a modular fashion that allows not only varying wheelbase lengths but also different track widths.

“It can even take a six-cylinder engine,” said Fabiano. “The only fixed point within the platform is the position of the rear bulkhead and the transverse mounting of the engine.”

While neither Seat or Audi has committed, it is believed at least one of them will need to get involved to provide the economies of scale necessary to price the production car at £20,000.

Porsche is unlikely to get the car, however. Rumours that the firm would use the rear-wheel-drive chassis for a new entry-level roadster in the spirit of the 914 have been refuted by insiders.

However, one proposal that is not being denied by Porsche is an eventual version of the BlueSport clothed in a unique body and carrying the identification ‘By Porsche Design’.

“It would provide Porsche dealerships with a product to attract younger customers without any fear of damaging the company’s blue chip image,” said one Porsche source.

VW has given the BlueSport a development codename, usually the first step towards production.

Greg Kable

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