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Mercedes G-class based SUV given production go-ahead
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18 June 2010

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has given the go-ahead for the state's first production car.

The KSU Gazal 1 was designed by students of the King Suad University with significant input from a design studio in Italy. It is heavily based on the underpinnings of a Mercedes G-class.

See pics of the KSU Gazal 1

The car, which took two years to engineer, has a redesigned exterior, as well as a custom interior, but uses the original Mercedes petrol V8.

Its makers also say it has also been “designed to match the climate of Saudi Arabia”, and maintains the off-road pedigree of the go-anywhere G-wagon.

KSU says it expects to sell 20,000 Gazal’s annually, although no details have yet been given of when production will begin.

However, sources say a deal has been done that will see Merc supply Saudi Arabia with chassis and engines.

James Lewis-Barned


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FriendlyFisherman 18 June 2010

Re: Saudi Arabia to build first car

I bet Merc are laughing all the way to the bank!

BulletTrainMcKane 18 June 2010

Re: Saudi Arabia to build first car

My comment was too offensive so I removed it.

Peter Cavellini 18 June 2010

Re: Saudi Arabia to build first car

So even Saudi royality recognizes the most practical car for their local is a 4x4!

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