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Saab set to turn its attentions to producing a new supermini inspired by the iconic 92

Saab will decide whether to add a new premium small car to its range “within the next 100 days”, according to boss Victor Muller - and if it gets the green light, the car will be known simply as 92.

With production of the new 9-5 now ramping up, Saab has turned its attention to sourcing a platform for its new baby; it could develop its own, but it is more likely to buy in the underpinnings from another European manufacturer.

The time frame is tight; Muller told Autocar that he would like the 92 to enter production in 2013, although he admitted that 2014 is more probable. Muller said the new 92 will need to be “stunning to look at, ingenious and an outstanding premium product”. And it will avoid retro styling cues. “We hate retro at Saab,” said Muller.

“It’s a teardrop car and premium, but that's where the comparison ends.” He also revealed that the model will offer a hybrid option. The design, dimensions and specifications of the 92 have already been determined.

Saab is expecting to build between 30,000 and 60,000 units per year; Muller believes these relatively modest numbers will make the car exclusive enough to justify a price tag of “Mini plus 10 per cent”.

Richard Bremner

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WooDz 11 June 2010

Re: Saab 92 ‘decision in 100 days’

AUTOCAR - hope you read this.
News is SAAB will speak with BMW at the end of the month.
Powertrains for 9-4x (think 3.0d)
Architecture for 92 (New Mini / 1-seies platform)
Furture FWD collaboration including Forced induction projects.

Casanova 3 June 2010

Re: Saab 92 ‘decision in 100 days’

saaby wrote:
The 92 will need to be funded over and above the Spyker plan, and likely in conjunction with a third party, think BMW.

What would be in it for BMW?

Oilburner 3 June 2010

Re: Saab 92 ‘decision in 100 days’

saaby wrote:

and don't foget that that very cost is what delivers profit, in a way that a £20k niche car never will be without huge sales which Saab does not court.

That's true, Saab doesn't want (and won't get) huge sales volumes. Bigger cars do have greater profit margins...BUT if people simply aren't buying the larger cars any more (a major headache for BMW given how profitable the 5-series is compared to the 3), then Saab can't afford to be left out.

And if they can't make money from the smaller cars, then they're history anyway.