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Spy pictures show Saab is still planning for the future

These spy pictures show development testing of the Saab 9-5 is continuing, despite the car maker's uncertain future.

Saab owner GM is currently in talks to secure a buyer for Saab, following the collapse of a sale agreement with a consortium led by Koenigsegg.

It has set a dealine of the end of this year to identify a buyer. Should that pass, it says it will consider closing Saab down.

However, these spy pictures of the Saab 9-5 estate were taken in southern Italy last week. The photographer reports that a large test group of development drivers and engineers were present.

The Saab 9-5 estate was originally scheduled for launch in autumn 2010, but - if the company survives - that is now almost certain to be delayed.

There have been other signs that Saab is planning for a long-term future. The company announced that it will stop production at its Trollhattan base for four weeks over the Christmas period.

It traditionally closes for two weeks, but the extended break will be used to prepare the factory for the production of the new 9-5 and the convertible 9-3.

A spokesman has also dismissed reports that Saab is being divided up in preparation for sale.

Saab Automobile has five separate company names, covering Parts, Property, Tools and Investing.

Tools and Property were only set up three weeks ago, while Parts was restructured within the past month, prompting speculation that Saab was being prepared for sale.

However, a spokesman said the changes have been made as they are required by the National Debt Office.

Pictures: Carpix

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