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Rolls-Royce CEO says the company is considering making a cheaper, entry-level Ghost

Rolls-Royce is considering creating a Ghost model derivative, according to Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes.

Mueller-Oetvoes told Bloomberg news network, “I’m quite confident that we’re going to see a Ghost derivative to come.” He added that there is still “a lot of potential in the market” for a more basic Rolls-Royce.

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A company spokesman said: "We are just taking a measure of our customers' needs at the moment. Inevitably with a model like the Ghost there is plenty of potential for it to be developed.

"In terms of seeing a production model in 2011, 2012, 2013, it is unlikely," he added. "There are no firm plans as yet."

Rolls-Royce announced in February of this year that it would be experimenting with a series of Ghost concept cars, or 'experimental cars' as the company traditionally calls them, but there was no clear indication they would ever see production.

A coupé and cabriolet were tipped to be joining the new Ghost saloon and the concept versions would be produced in order to "gauge customer demand".

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Rolls-Royce chairman Ian Robertson said at the time the company wouldn’t necessarily stick to the Ghost name for all variants, as it has with the Phantom family.

This has opened the door for the return of such names as Corniche and Carmargue should soft-top and coupé variants see production. A well-placed source also indicated Rolls was considering a long-wheelbase variant of the Ghost saloon.

The company announced in November 2009 it was planning a hybrid model of the Ghost.

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275not599 24 September 2010

Re: Rolls plans new Ghost variants

R32 wrote:
That should be Camargue - another annoying and irritating Autocar spelling error.

If you are going to be picky, it can hardly be one without the other.

Back to the RR. It's owned by the same people as Mini. I look forward to the Ghost Countryman (remember the Radford Countryman?) the Ghost Clubman (nothing to do with Pall Mall) the Ghost Cooper (V16) the Ghost Cooper S (v16 quad turbo) and, finally, the London to Edinburgh Ghost (so much torque, the bottom 7 gears are blanked off).

R32 wrote:
That should be Camargue - another annoying and irritating Autocar spelling error.

WFC Holden 23 September 2010

Re: Rolls plans new Ghost variants

All these ideas are good but more likely, surely, is that these new variants will be yet more glittered and gargoyled versions sold in limited numbers to selected markets only, probably following the Phantom experience with traditional Crewe monikers such as the RR Ghost Abu Dhabidhobi al Riyadh Gold and the RR Ghost of the Desert Bedouin Bismilaah Al Rahman Al Rahim Select...

weenedonpetrol 23 September 2010

Re: Rolls plans new Ghost variants

disco.stu wrote:

Fingers crossed for a Ute (Rolls Royce Silver Service) or Panel Van (Rolls Royce Silver Surfer)!

RR have already done this so there is a precedence – RR Silver Ghost based armoured cars, tenders and ambulances during WW1. Personally I quite fancy a RR Ghost Camper. complete with Axminster carpets, heated water-bed, marble worktops and gold-plated taps!