Battery-powered new city car makes it to Detroit
12 January 2009

This is the Toyota FT-EV, an electric version of its iQ city car that the company has just unveiled at the Detroit motor show.

The Toyota FT-EV concept uses the same lightweight platform developed for the conventional, petrol-powered Toyota iQ and has a range of up to 50 miles. The FT-EV also uses the iQ’s unique 3+1 seating configuration.

Aside from the fancy show decals, the electric iQ concept is much the same as the standard Toyota iQ, but has a blanked-off grille to improve air flow.

The Toyota FT-EV’s interior gets a digital dashboard display, allowing the driver to monitor the car's energy consumption.

The FT-EV is part of Toyota’s long-term green car plans, which include sales targets of one million petrol-electric hybrids per year by the early 2010s.

An electric iQ is expected to go on sale within the next three years, and will be joined by up to 10 new Toyota hybrids.

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Toyota iQ

Is the Toyota IQ the small car revolution which its maker claims it is?

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