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Firm reveals final UK spec of its new entry-level Twingo model, that goes on sale later this month
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26 November 2010

Renault has expanded its Gordini line-up with the addition of a new model to the Twingo range that will replace the GT variant.

It goes on sale in the UK in 25 November, priced from £11,395, including VAT at the new 20 per cent rate, and will reach UK showrooms from January.

The new Renault Twingo Gordini 100 will sit at the top of the range of standard Twingos above the Dynamique, but will be positioned below the Renaultsport Twingo Gordini launched in the UK earlier this year.

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Renault has been impressed with the success of the Gordini spec on its Renaultsport versions of the Twingo and Clio; Gordini models now account for two thirds of all Twingo RS sales, while one third of all Clio RS models sold are in Gordini trim.

Standard Gordini changes over the outgoing GT model include new sports seats and 15-inch wheels, while the option list includes Gordini-badged blue and black leather upholstery.

Other Gordini features include a metallic blue exterior paint finish with twin white racing stripes, and new details or surrounds for the foglamps, exterior mirror housings and rear spoilers. Other colour options include Pearlescent Black and Glacier White.

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Interior features include new door trims, a leather-trimmed steering wheel, a new rev counter, a new finish for the centre console and aluminium pedals.

Power comes from a 99bhp 1.2-litre petrol unit that gives the car a top speed of 117mph. Its CO2 emissions are 132g/km, while fuel economy is rated at 49.5mpg. The car also uses the outgoing GT's chassis, with stiffer shock absorbers and bushes, and recalibrated sports steering.

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3 November 2010

[quote Autocar]Renault claims the new model combines “French style and great dynamics” and will appeal to a more “feminine market”.
[/quote]Don't know about anyone else but I hate it when manufacturers aim a car towards a particular sex. Annoyingly, I've seen it done before. When this popped up on the homepage I thought it looked alright, until I looked further. They're starting to do a bit of a 'Citroen' with the Gordini badge, in that it's just becoming another trim level, like Citroen's VTR and VTS lineup (which, also, are no longer sporty models in their current lineup). The Twingo has aged rapidly, and this makeover doesn't help. Get on with making its successor and leave Gordini to Renaultsport.

3 November 2010

[quote Mini1]Don't know about anyone else but I hate it when manufacturers aim a car towards a particular sex.[/quote]

Couldn't agree more. And what the manufacturers don't realise is - and I am making an assumption here - is that they are potentially removing a fair chunk of their potential market. I know many men that won't consider an MX5 because it is considered a girls or even worse - a hairdressers car. Pity

3 November 2010

Don't really care - if I like the car and it drives as I want, I will get it, regardless of the marketing junk or trying to aim the car at a certain market.

If you like it, buy it, regardless of your own gender, or the perceived gender of the vehicle.

3 November 2010

[quote Autocar]“French style and great dynamics” and will appeal to a more “feminine market”.
[/quote] Such a fine heritage to follow that appears to be somewhat diluted

3 November 2010

I quite fancy a Twingo. The "all bells and whistles" top of the range models do look the part, with the Renaultsport models looking especially good in white. My only concern is that, when they start platform-sharing with Smart, the range will look like a ForTwo on steroids. I remember seeing an original Twingo years ago and thinking what a really quirky design it was and how unfortunate that it wasn't available in RHD.

I may just save up my cash and buy one before the new model appears, because the design is still fresh and retains a deal of subdued quirkiness which I quite enjoy.

3 November 2010

It's also interesting to note that Autocar mention a Diesel engine in the Twingo. For me, this would've made the Twingo a more appealing proposition had they offered the engine in the UK, but they don't. Hopefully that will change soon...

3 November 2010

Couldn't agree more with Mini1 - a diesel Twingo sounds like it would certainly tick most of the boxes. I remember an autocar first drive in France when they tested the diesel in 60-odd bhp tune and stated that the engine and driving characteristics which the engine lent to the car suited the car well and was ultra economical. The 84bhp engine should certainly give the Twingo a fair bit of pace (due to its comparitively high output for a lightweight car) and great mpg. Cheap insurance and low running costs should certainly appeal to young buyers and second car buyers alike.

Only thing is if it is offered to the UK market, will it be priced right? In France, I understand that the diesel is offered in lower state of tune, and with a lower trim level, whereas with the Gordini, the UK diesel, if offered, will be one of the highest trim levels, and would therefore probably be priced just short of the RenaultSport Twingo.

Also noticed that the GT (along with the 1.2tce) was recently dropped from Renault's range - the suggestion of reinstating it with the Gordini is certainly welcome, but it still looks like the Twingo urgently requires a mid-life facelift, both inside and out and careful consideration on pricing. Renault appears to think that the Twingo is in the same style driven market as the Fiat 500, Mini, etc, however really I would think its not really stylish or customisable enough for this market, and reckon that the Twingo would therefore be closer to the Citroen C1, Fiat Panda and other non-style driven city cars. If viewed like I view it, the Twingo currently looks quite pricey.

26 November 2010

Not a bad looking car but still no sign of the end of 'go faster stripes' on cars especially in this car class.

26 November 2010

[quote Autocar]Renault claims the new model Gordini combines “French style and great dynamics”[/quote] It has to be better; the original was a pig.

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