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Renault looks set to reveal a follow-up to the iconic Renault Alpine A110 at the Paris motor show

Renault looks set to reveal a follow-up to the iconic Renault Alpine A110 at the Paris motor show this autumn. The firm is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the A110 Berlinetta this year and Renault design chief Laurens van den Acker told Autocar “it would be remiss not to do something” to celebrate the original Alpine.

A question remains as to whether a new Alpine coupé could become a production reality — assuming there’s a positive reaction to the show concept.

“These things live by the grace of the day,” said van den Acker. “In my view, the best thing for a designer is always to have something cooking in the corner. Then when the planets line up, you have something ready.”

Steve Norman, Renault’s marketing chief, said the firm “knew what to do” about a production Alpine, but it “was a question what size of market it could take”.

He added: “We have to ask: ‘Is there room in today’s car market to build something that could be compared to a Porsche?’ In any case, for an Alpine to make sense financially, it would have to sell in North America and China.”

Van den Acker also talked up the prospects for the striking DeZir concept eventually making production. “It’s not realistic to expect us to produce a rival for Ferrari or Lamborghini; our badge would not support that yet. But with the new [electric] technologies coming through, anything is possible.”

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Alpine Fanatic 26 May 2016

Renault Alpine A110 revival

Renault could really have a "Halo" car for their brand here. There are enough millennials around the entire world that in the right markets (Europe, Canada, China, Japan, South America, Dubai and the Middle East, Australia, and a reintroduction of Renault into the USA market, this could really bring about a much needed resurgence into the Renault brand of Automobiles. Renault is a well known and respected brand name in the world of automobile manufacturers having made some of the most innovative and technologically advanced cars of their time back when they were a new car company. Renault has (or I should say "had" unique bragging rights in the fact they have essentially been around since 1899. That's the 19th century folks! Not many auto makers have that distinction in their portfolio. Renault does! Renault has lost some of their reputation over the years and truly are more of a "grocery getter" type of car now days. A "mass market" or "common man" type of car. Not that there is anything at all wrong with that as I am sure they are a profitable company, but with the reintroduction of the ALPINE name into Renault, this could truly bring Renault into the forefront of automaking around the world. An immediate jump in respect from other auto makers. The automaking world would without a doubt take note. This could be an instant hit all over the world for both regular road cars and the ability to modify the cars for rally racing. Renault could quite easily have both a road going version (more luxury based with only the highest quality materials being used such as actual knurled METAL buttons, knobs, and switches, quality carpeting, the diamond stitched leather panels used in the original cars along with the matching diamond stitched seats or maybe a diamond stitched Alcantara material throughout the cabin to save weight yet give the appearance of true quality materials), also offering a stripped out "Rally" version of the new Alpine. Lightweight composite body materials, lightweight alluminum or composite materials throughout the entire car (both road going and rally versions) making use of all the new technologies out there. Renault could partner with other manufacturers in using only the HIGHEST quality parts. You don't have to sacrifice quality and still use cost alternatives to keep the cost at least somewhat attainable for the common man or woman to purchase the new Alpine. Don't make it an unattainable car. That would be a shame. Make it a mass market car but a QUALITY mass market car. Think Honda S2000 territory. Something of that build quality and loyal following, still to this day, 7 years after the final S2000 rolled off the assembly line. Renault, take advantage of this RARE opportunity to really bring a spectacular and much beloved vehicle back to the rear world. Make it USA spec compliant and reintroduce the brand to the United States. OK, OK, I get the fact that making a specific car costs hundreds of millions (if not B as in BILLIONS) of dollars to think up, design, sketch out, create safety items and such, etc etc and another etc. It is a heck of a lot more involved in bringing a road car to life than about 80-90% of human beings on this planet can even comprehend. They just go and plop down their money (or promise to pay for it someday) and whizz away in their shinny new motoring machine. There is a LOT of things involved in bringing a car to life from concept to creation. A LOT. A WHOLE LOT. A BUNCH. get the idea. This is Renault's chance. It truly is. If the executives up there in the ivory tower at Renault are listening (or reading here) about us normal folk down here buying their products....Please listen closely here. YOU CAN MAKE THIS CAR! YOU SHOULD MAKE THIS CAR! The drivers who love these machines out here (and there are more than you think) have a PASSION for the Alpine name. I think if you took the design elements of the older car and brought that into the design of the new machine, you would really have a winner on your hands. This could be Renault's shinning moment in Automotive history. Think about it Renault Executives, Designers, managers, decision makers up in the corporate headquarters whereever that truly may be. Bring back the ICON. The A110. Not some goofy looking futuristic car that many of the new "concept" Alpine's look like, and believe me (and the rest of the people out here), some of the concepts have been hidious. Some of them have been pretty good. You need to incorporate the elements of the original car into the new updated car. "No, if's, and's, or butt's" as they sometimes say here in America. More and more American car buyers (and millenials especially) like their cars sporty, reliable, and retro inspired. Many remember the Camaro's, Mustangs, and Challengers of yesteryear and they seem to want to bring a little of that into their modern life by having a tangible item they can drive each day that makes them remember their youth. Something they can interact with their own children with by saying "Hey, I remember when my Dad drove me to school in his red Mustang and it was a blast and now I get to do it with you". The Alpine should be a not comprimise car. Not the plastic bits and pieces and body panels that don't fit right, carpet that rips and falls apart in three years, engines that fail, or transmissions that go up in pieces after 50,000 miles. Renault should invest the time, research, and MONEY, into making the new Alpine a car that even the big boys of automaking take a look at. The kind that make them want to go to the dealer and purchase one, taking it back to their own shops, only to disassemble to see and say "HOW THE HECK DID RENAULT DO THAT!" or "THAT'S INCREDIBLE ENGINEERING". The Alpine is an ICON throughout the entire world. Of one car that car enthusiasts and rally enthusiasts recognize immediately, it's the A110 Alpine. Like the old saying goes....."IF YOU BUILD IT....THEY WILL COME". And they will purchase....And they will become instant classic collector cars.....and Renault will solidify their name in history as one of the greatest auto makers of all time! Bring it on Renault.
brian245 27 January 2012

Re: Renault plans Alpine tribute

FastRenaultFan wrote:
I even know off someone who changed from a Corola
Who wouldn't want to?

toptidy 27 January 2012

Re: Renault plans Alpine tribute

FastRenaultFan wrote:

They do not lack it here in Ireland they have a very good reputation here and they have some off the best mechanics and technicians here too all well trained and with the knowledge to fix and service all Renault cars and many more . .

They are also very reliable here have seen more Toyotas broken down here than I have Renaults .

There is nothing wrong with the Megane I have been in all 3 models and they have all been good for there time and reliable too .

I even know off someone who changed from a Corola to a Megane Coupe the latest model and it has been very reliable and some nice design too including the exhaust in the centre off the rear bumper .

Yes, but it must be said given your usernsme that you may be just a little Renault biased - a motor trader friend of mine once said that they haven't built a good French car yet, and he keeps telling me this.

I'd prefer an Astra VXR to a Megane Coupe if I really wanted a central exhaust.