Currently reading: Range Rover Evoque crucial to JLR
The new Range Rover Evoque will "open up more entries to the brand"

Land Rover’s all-new Range Rover Evoque is a crucial part of JLR’s expansion plans according to company CEO Ralf Speth.

The potential lies in the opportunities that Speth and his colleagues are busily identifying for new Land Rovers, models that will take the company into new segments and new price ranges, just as this Evoque does.

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“It’s a new segment for us,” says Speth. “It opens up more entries to the brand and more opportunities for customers to grow with it.”

As well as the introduction of the new Range Rover Evoque “We’re going to introduce 40 new model actions over the next five years,” says Speth, a huge undertaking for a firm that produced little more than 250,000 vehicles in 2010.

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The Evoque’s arrival has also prompted some much-needed expansion in the UK’s supplier network, around £2bn worth of contracts going to 40 companies in this country. Read about the the Range Rover Evoque's interior styling

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