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Electric town car launched as part of Italian firm's 80th anniversary celebrations
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21 May 2010

The Pininfarina Nido EV electric town car has been launched, as part of the Italian design firm's 80th anniversary celebrations.

The Nido EV is a two-seat, rear-engined city car. It is 215mm longer and 123mm wider a than a Smart, but its overall height is 37mm lower. It weighs around 900kg.

See the Pininfarina Nido EV pictures

It is powered by a 40bhp electric motor which delivers 92lb ft of torque. It has a range of 87 miles, top speed of 75mph, 0-37mph time of 6.7sec and can be recharged in eight hours.

Power is stored in a Zebra Z5 Ni-NaCl battery, which Pininfarina says is notable for containing no polluting chemicals and being 100 per cent recyclable.

The prototype is built around a tubular steel frame, but the production model will have an aluminium spaceframe.

The car unveiled is the first running prototype from the "Nido Development Programme", a modular platform from which new types of hybrid and electric cars will be developed.

The Nido structure is designed to adapt to electric, hybrid, two-seater, 2+2 seater and light van use.

Pininfarina says it will next display two four-seat, front-engined versions of the car in due course.


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21 May 2010

much more whats required compared to a leaf etc. especially the aluminium frame.

they should get it on the market asap.

21 May 2010

I agree, is this what Murray should have built?

21 May 2010

Looks great in my opinion. Not quite as nice as the concept, but it's in a different league to the G-Wiz, even the Nissan Leaf. The sooner they get it to market the better, but I bet it'll be expensive...

21 May 2010

They appear to have figured out that to sell well a car (even an econo-box) should look good...or at least not like it's been repeatedly battered with the ugly stick.

I was excited by the T25 but it's styling is too weird, maybe a call to Peter Stevens to restyle it would not be too late...

21 May 2010

I've got to say I'm not normally a fan of small cars but I quite like that!.

(BTW, does it remind anyone else of a modern, 4 wheeled Bond bug in it's basic shape?).

21 May 2010


'Is this what Murray should have built'


21 May 2010

Too wide. A smart is too wide. This is bigger. No good. Width is the most important dimension for city cars.

21 May 2010

Interesting... But...

You know there is a problem with the electric cars: the air conditioning and simply the heating which empty the batteries like snow under the sun...

In our countries, take thick pullovers...

Or the car needs a fuel boiler... You need then fuel...

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