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Lighter 1.6-litre 208 turbo will recreate classic hot hatch's B-road thrills, says firm

Peugeot wants to build on the impressive RCZ with a GTI version of the 207 replacement that could become the French company’s finest hot hatchback in more than a decade.

The hot version of the new car (likely to be called 208) is being produced for the British and German markets — the only countries where hot hatches are bought in significant quantities — although it will also be offered in France.

The plan to develop a more competitive GTI stems from the fresh focus Peugeot placed on its traditional product strengths in January. According to Jean-Marc Gales, director of both the Peugeot and Citroën brands, future Peugeots will be known for their “precision, allure, style, driver control and excellence”.

The firm is keen to reinvigorate the reputation it once had for handling and roadholding.

The 208 GTI will almost certainly feature the 197bhp 1.6 THP petrol engine that has just made its debut in the RCZ, featuring variable valve lift, a twin-scroll turbo and variable cam timing. Marketing boss Xavier Peugeot says the 208 will be lighter than the 207, as part of Peugeot’s policy of shedding weight from each new-generation model.

Lesser variants will get three-cylinder petrol and diesel engines and stop-start tech. But even the GTI will feature some fuel-saving and CO2-reducing technologies, Peugeot says.

The 208 will be launched in 2012, and will be the first Peugeot to be entirely developed using the new design language first seen on the SR1 sports concept.

Richard Bremner

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MHanna 17 May 2010

Re: Peugeot reinvents the 205 GTI

beachland2 wrote:
So annoying when i look at what hot cars i want in the future they all have air con.. which i dont want to pay for.

A/C turns a hot car into a cool car.

Old Toad 18 April 2010

Re: Peugeot reinvents the 205 GTI

Just a few thoughts for messrs Peugeot . Why not bring back the Rallye brand if I am right the first one was a 106 ? It was a stripped out revvy little thing . No Ac different gearing and suspension etc.

As for AC I dont think it is really necessary. Last time I checked polystyrene is an excellent insulator against heat so could be sprayed internally on roof linings door panels etc. Dont laugh but it also improves crash protection. Must do as cycling helmets are made from it. Glass technology has also moved on so you can easily have heat reflecting glass in a car too .

So a lighter car that does not heat up inside too fast with low gearing and no electric assistance for seats pwr steering windows etc should sell well and would put the engines power back where it should be into froward motion rather than powering needless ancillaries.

Somhow I think the" elf n safety brigade" ( can hear em clucking like 'kin old hens already) would frown on this suggestion . Their mantra seems to be and whatever you do do not enjoy yourself or take any risks .Why not bin some airbags and have 4 point hanresses instead.

Oooooeeer tooooooo risky .

roverfan1984 18 April 2010

Re: Peugeot reinvents the 205 GTI

rhw0104 wrote:
why not recreate a 205 GTi just a one off model really light weight same old 205 or 306 suspension 1.6thp lump make it a bit stronger but near to idendical look as the 205, do what fiat done with the 500.

Ive always wondered if it would be possible to make new cars that look absolutely identical to old classic cars, same dimensions same body panels etc, but with all the hidden crash structures, floorpan, bodyshell etc redesigned, I think it would be possible, perhaps easier on bigger cars. Older cars had longer bonnets than new cars which pack the engine into as tight a space as possible, so there would be plenty of room for a modern crash structure underneath what looks like the exterior of an older car.

This way rather than "retro interpretations" manufacturers could actually bring back their old models like the 205 etc, which would look identical to an 80s 205 but be refined & 5* NCAP safe. They could employ flip-up bonnets etc to make them meet pedestrian safety regs as well.

I think this would be possible & it would be well cool to be able to buy brand new versions of classic cars!!!