RCZ is the first of three cars to be launched under Peugeot's new hors-série slogan
16 March 2010

Peugeot’s new RCZ is the first model to be launched under the firm’s new hors-série sub-brand, a title that will be given to two other models within the next two years.

Hors-série Peugeots are the firm’s attempts at creating a Citroen DS-style brand that spawns more premium and upmarket cars that command a higher price tag than those on which they are based, appealing to more affluent buyers.

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The next hors-serie Peugeot will be the 508 estate and it will be followed by an unknown third model in 2012. Hors-serie translates from French as 'built out of mass production', indicating the firm’s desire to generate additional income from its mass-market platforms.

Jean-Marc Gales told Auto News that hors-serie models would be sold in all of Peugeot’s markets without translation, citing Volkswagen’s use of its Das Auto marketing slogan outside of its home German market as proof that a foreign-language marketing phrase can work.

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Peugeot RCZ

The RCZ is a classy, interesting, fun coupé that shows Peugeot has got its mojo back

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16 March 2010

The world doesn't need yet another "sub-brand" from any manufacturer

16 March 2010

Considering PSA own Hillman,Humber,Panhard,Simca,Singer,Sunbeam and Talbot, surely one of these would have been better than " horsery " - especially Talbot which is Anglo-French!

16 March 2010

[quote motive]Talbot, surely one of these would have been better[/quote]

Not sure I would pay a premium for a Talbot, a sizeable discount would be more appropriate.

I do agree though, its all just marketing nonsense and I do wish Manufacturers would stop following VW`s every move.

16 March 2010

[quote Autocar]Hors-série Peugeots [/quote]

Is this pronounced Hosiery? if so, they will be known as the fir coat and no knickers brand! or ..... what can the rest of you come up with?

Could be an own goal.

16 March 2010

Some years ago i remember a sugestion PSA might re launch Panhard as an upmarket brand. Sounds better to me than Hors-serie. But its the cars they make, not what they call them we should worry about, and at least the latest cars seem to be getting better

16 March 2010

Totally agree! Has Aprils fool day arrived early! Can't see this "sub brand" surviving. Hors Sh*T indeed!

16 March 2010

Well said jonfortwo,Peugeot should concentrate on their current strategy before thinking of going upmarket.To follow VW's lead is unwise,they are juggling too many brands.

16 March 2010

I've never realy understood the PSA group - they have two strong brands - Peugeot and Citroen - but yet they sell them both cheaply and they compete with each other. Why then instead of creating the premium DS range and now this Horsey thing - why not take Peugeot upmarket to compete with Audi and leave Citroen to chase the volume Ford/Vauxhall market?

16 March 2010

So is this car called a Peugeot Hors Serie RCZ? Dont know how it works in French, but to apply it to all languages seems daft - to me that would be pronounced 'Whore Serie' - not sure that's a name I'd want attached to my new car..... What was wrong just calling it a Peugeot RCZ? The brand seems like it can more than carry a car of this type.


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