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RCZ is the first of three cars to be launched under Peugeot's new hors-série slogan

Peugeot’s new RCZ is the first model to be launched under the firm’s new hors-série sub-brand, a title that will be given to two other models within the next two years.

Hors-série Peugeots are the firm’s attempts at creating a Citroen DS-style brand that spawns more premium and upmarket cars that command a higher price tag than those on which they are based, appealing to more affluent buyers.

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The next hors-serie Peugeot will be the 508 estate and it will be followed by an unknown third model in 2012. Hors-serie translates from French as 'built out of mass production', indicating the firm’s desire to generate additional income from its mass-market platforms.

Jean-Marc Gales told Auto News that hors-serie models would be sold in all of Peugeot’s markets without translation, citing Volkswagen’s use of its Das Auto marketing slogan outside of its home German market as proof that a foreign-language marketing phrase can work.

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The RCZ is a classy, interesting, fun coupé that shows Peugeot has got its mojo back

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Uncle Mellow 16 March 2010

Re: Peugeot launches new sub-brand

Great idea , shame they chose such a stupid name.......

Challenger440 16 March 2010

Re: Peugeot launches new sub-brand

Load of rubbish. Away and do something useful like building another 205GTi and worry less about sub-brands.


Monk 16 March 2010

Re: Peugeot launches new sub-brand

Oh my God. A 508 estate to look forward to as well, I can hardly wait. Was that an earthquake I hear rumbling in from Central Europe, or the sound of all those trembling knees knocking in Munich and Stuttgart.

Lets hope Hyundai go for a new sub brand as well, bringing the quality of their product down to meet the hors-série on the way up.

I am so glad the French haven't lost their sense of humour.