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A Damien Hirst-created Audi A1 makes £350,000 at a charity auction

A one-off Audi A1 created by artisit Damien Hirst has been sold at auction for £350,000.

The car was spin painted by the artist in his Gloucestershire studio and is fully driveable and road legal. The £350,000 raised at Sir Elton John’s annual charity ball will go to the singer's AIDS Foundation.

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The A1 was sold alongside a six-foot diameter canvas spin painting which Hirst created at the same time. The A1 project itself took around six months to complete.

The Audi A1 will reach UK showrooms in November.

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Los Angeles 29 June 2010

Re: One-off Audi A1 sells for £350k

Citytiger wrote:
Stevie something or other.
I wonder who?

Did Hirst actually paint the car himself? I doubt it. Like so many works by "installation" artists he'll have handed in a rendering on paper and left it to others. £350,000? You can fool some of the people some of the time. And the design is truly awful. It has no provenance. No one would know which artist had created it unless told. Still, at least the proceeds went to charity, but the same principle applies, his agent dare not allow it to lose his prescribed market value.

Citytiger 29 June 2010

Re: One-off Audi A1 sells for £350k

Los Angeles wrote:

Who bought it? The "artist's" agent?

Apparently it was bought by a black bloke who was playing the piano and singing at the party. Stevie something or other.

Uncle Mellow 28 June 2010

Re: One-off Audi A1 sells for £350k

Euphamistic expression for an uncommonly colorful and forceful bout of projectile vomit.
After drinking 6 Tequeila Sunrises and eating a large Chef Salad, Al painted the car with his technicolor yawn.