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Mercedes shows the exterior styling and cabin of its SLS supercar

Mercedes has revealed the cabin and exterior styling of its radical gullwing SLS supercar, due in 2010.

The sketch of the exterior shows a long bonnet and high waistline, along with a long wheelbase and wide tracks. The car is also thought to feature a pop-up wing at the rear.

Mercedes has given the cabin an aviation theme with a wing-shaped dash. The firm also says the air vents are reminiscent of aircraft engines, and that the gear selector, which controls the seven-speed ’box, has been designed to look like the thrust lever of an aircraft.

Mercedes design boss Gordon Wagener says the interior styling “indicates the design philosophy for coming generations of Mercedes sports cars”.

Five different leather colours are available for the interior: black, classic red, sand, porcelain and light brown. The instrument cluster has two dials with white backlighting and an upshift indicator using seven LEDs. The speedometer is calibrated up to 360km/h (224mph).

The AMG display shows the tyre pressure for each wheel and has three modes to show fluid temperatures, the currently selected ESP mode or a race timer.

The roof lining, A-pillars and parcel shelf are lined in Alcantara. The seats have magnesium backrests and sit just 369mm above the road surface.

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