The next Skoda Fabia vRS will have a turbocharged petrol engine, not a diesel.
29 May 2008

The next Skoda Fabia vRS will have a turbocharged petrol engine, not a diesel.

The Czech hot hatch, which Skoda chairman Reinhard Jung predicted would arrive “within two years”, will use the group’s 1.4-litre TSI unit.

“We have the opportunity to bring it up to 174 horsepower but we have not decided the final output,” said Jung.

There had been concern that the change of fuel might compromise the appeal of the car, compared with its fast but frugal 50mpg-plus diesel-powered predecessor, but a Skoda insider said: “With UK diesel prices climbing it could be a timely move. It takes ever higher mileages to recoup the cost of a diesel model plus the high pump prices.”

The new model should exploit the Fabia’s return to world rallying in the S2000 division. In 2006 the vRS accounted for 18% of UK Fabia hatchback sales.

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29 May 2008

I think the current Diesel Pricing issue in the UK is a lame excuse since this car is sold all around the continent. And who knows how prices will stand in 2 years time.

I suspect this decision has more to do with the great VAG empires' internal politics: Since the 1.9TDI is finally starting to be phased out the only powerful diesel engine they have is the 2.0TDI. Do you really think VW & AUDI would let Skoda put this engine in their cheapest car? A budget priced supermini! I think not.

Apparenly there is a 1.6TDi in the works so who knows what may happen down the line - although obviously Audi and VW will get this new engine first for the A1 and next Polo.

29 May 2008

I'll be happy if there is a petrol Fabia vRS - hopefully it'll be beefed up a lot in the looks dept as the standard new shape Fabia is a bit too tall and skinny.

I just don't like diesels much and we don't do enough mileage to warrant buying one anyway.

A petrol vRS would complement our MX5 well when our 1.4 Fabia finally gives up the ghost.

2 June 2008

Could it be that Skoda are reading my blog? I only posted a couple of days ago my thoughts on the demand for petrol vs diesel engines!

I drive a Fabia vRS and don't feel there's enough of a fuel saving (if there's any at all) to justify the extra 15p/litre that bog standard diesel is costing. I know many "sporty" diesel drivers use the Optimax/Ultimate/whatever diesels and they must be really feeling it in the wallet.

A petrol vRS Fabia is probably the right thing to do in all honesty. As fun as the current model can be on those straights when you've got that repmobile in your rearview mirror, with a touch of right foot sending a plume of black soot out of your exhaust as you disappear into the distance... that sort of behaviour won't win you any favours with your MPG display.

There's been many criticisms of the Fabia's weight at the front due to the 1.9 PD130 engine but demand has still remained high, possibly even more now that production has stopped. With a petrol powerplant, the new Fabia vRS should be a lot happier and if the power output is half decent, will still win over those that are in the diesel camp due to the tuneability of the TDi engine.

I suppose the only danger is for VAG as a whole. How will they cope with their budget (almost boring) brand having such a lively model? Seat will be fine if the engine is used in the Ibiza with their auto emoción marketing but Skoda's brand almost reads "auto slumber" these days.

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