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Reborn Nissan 200SX awaits the production green light, accoridng to insiders

Nissan is poised to take on the reborn Mazda RX-7 and VW Scirocco with a follow-up to its 200SX coupé, insiders say.

The new two-door, which would effectively replace the 200SX that was axed in 2002, would slot beneath the 370Z to give Nissan a more fuel-efficient and affordable fastback to counter the Scirocco and Renault’s three-door Mégane.

The new Nissan would be rear-wheel drive, as before, but the challenge of finding a suitable platform on which to build it is proving difficult.

A cut-down 370Z chassis has been considered but is likely to prove too heavy. The open-top, rear-drive sports car that Nissan was also exploring at one time — and which could also have provided the hardware — has been aborted.

Nissan has also decided to utilise the next generation of its Tiida hatchback — sold in Ireland and Russia, but nowhere else in Europe — to bolster its family car line-up alongside the Qashqai.

The Qashqai crossover has been judged a success, but the company still wants a conventional hatch — in effect, a replacement for the Almera — to take on the VW Golf and Ford Focus across Europe.

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lilianna 4 April 2014

It's not front wheel drive -

It's not front wheel drive - hurrah! Hopefully it can be powerslid, but that would just be a bonus. 23 July 2010

Re: Nissan 'to relaunch 200SX'

Straight Six Man wrote:

About bloody time too. Glad to see Nissan rediscovering its mojo. Now we just need Toyota's new RWD Celica, plus the new MR2 and Supra, and the new Honda S2000, perhaps a new NSX too...

All trying to take on the MX5 / Miata

Good luck

Wingroad 23 July 2010

Re: Nissan 'to relaunch 200SX'

Just wondered with the lack of a suitable in house RWD Platform to use I wonder if they will use a suitable Mercedes platform