Industry source confirms price for new electric hatchback; price includes battery pack
10 May 2010

The Nissan Leaf will cost between £24,000 and £25,000 when it goes on-sale in the UK next year, according to an industry source.

This price includes the car's battery pack, which was expected to be available to lease only, and the government's £5000 incentive towards the cost of purchasing an electric car.

The car had been tipped to cost the same as a top-spec Toyota Prius, but it will come in around £2000 higher than the £22,609 Prius T Spirit. Final pricing and specification details will be announced within the next three weeks, although it is not clear whether there will be a cheaper Leaf available without a battery pack that can then be leased.

Demand is expected to outstrip supply for the initial batch of Leafs that will be built in Japan; the company has already had mote than 10,000 customers pay a small deposit as an expression of interest and a similar scheme will be launched in Europe this summer.

Each battery pack is said to have a life of between five and 10 years. Nissan will improve the technology all the time and as more Leafs are produced, the cost will come down. Nissan will break even on the Leaf in the first year and the car has been built to "make money", according to our source.

Production of the Leaf will commence at Sunderland in February 2013 and the plant will build 50,000 units per year on the same production line as the Note and Juke.

Mark Tisshaw

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10 May 2010

AHAHAHAA i knew it.

Nissan said it would cost the same as a standard 1.6 car of the same size.


10 May 2010

[quote beachland2]Nissan said it would cost the same as a standard 1.6 car of the same size.[/quote] Over the lifetime of the car. Therefore it will cost very little to fully charge compared to £50 of fuel every say 450 miles. Combine that with mostly lower maintenance costs as well and you've got something that makes some sense. When will it really make sense?: about 3 years time when the cost has come down a bit, the batteries last a bit longer in range and time and the infrastructure is in place. I reckon in 5 years time I'll be buying electric.

10 May 2010

remember to see whats happening with hydrogen cars in 5 years time.

as for lifetime they are conning with marketing, this car would not be pitted against a 1.6, it would be against a 1.2 or 1.0 turbo (of the same power as the leaf, but far better range and practicality), which over a lifetime would be much more economic than a 1.6....

i wont be getting any electric cars with li-ion batteries.

10 May 2010

there must be something we arent being told. Why is this thing £10,000 cheaper than the Mitsubushi i? The i is only expensive because of the batteries. How come Nissan can build this for so much less? If batteries were available cheaper wouldnt mitsubushi use them too?

10 May 2010

[quote artill]Why is this thing £10,000 cheaper than the Mitsubushi i?[/quote] Economies of scale? A vehicle designed from the outset as an electric vehicle? Nissan (and Renault) having higher volumes so not only economies of scale on their manufacture, but also able to negotiate better rates for their batteries.

10 May 2010

could be a volume price effect, nissan maybe building a lot more units.

10 May 2010

take a look at nissans website where there is a virtual reality video on the leaf demo.

key words are emits no noise and drive in silence...

maybe one good reason to buy this car early is to get it before the EU brings in the "ALERT I'M DRIVING A CAR" voice warning and loud siren system into law on all electric cars sold.


anyway this car is a 5 seater that offers 90mph. a seat ibiza can offer this for £10k. with possibly similar passenger and luggage space.

wouldnt £14k in the bank be better, even with tiny interest on an isa?

it would fund a lot of petrol.

10 May 2010

[quote beachland2]anyway this car is a 5 seater that offers 90mph. a seat ibiza can offer this for £10k. with possibly similar passenger and luggage space.[/quote] Not at all similar. The leaf is Prius sized so basically halfway between Focus and the size above (the Mondeo is large, the Leaf is smaller than that). Remember as a purpose built EV it has a very short overhang, the batteries are down the spine of the vehicle and thus boot space is good as well. If we assume it competes with a 1.6 Focus (forget top speed - when was the last time anyone broke 50mph on the m25 let alone 90?). A focus 1.6 Style 5dr is listed at £18k - so only £6k more for electric.

10 May 2010

i can counter that by quoting a 1.6 5 door golf is £15.5k

£10k cheaper, and the whole world knows how much better class and quality it is.

10 May 2010

Forgot - the Leaf is automatic - add £1k to that focus price for an auto. So £19k. Now, you should be able to get it for £14k-£15k, but performance below 60mph will probably be worse in the Focus, it'll be noiser, less well packaged and much higher running costs. I reckon that's close enough in price for early adopters to plump for them - maybe even councils who have pool vehicles and a car park to plug them in.


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