Project underway to build a successor to the Nissan Almera
8 April 2010

Nissan has begun a long-term project to produce a VW Golf rival, as part of its plans to enter new sectors of the car market and regain ground once occupied by the Nissan Almera.

Confirming that work on the small family car project was already underway, Nissan’s senior vice president Andy Palmer said the project was motivated by Nissan’s goal of becoming a player in 90 per cent of the world’s markets and increasing its current 3 per cent market share of global car sales. Nissan is currently competing in around 84 per cent of the world's markets.

"To date, we have grown by circumnavigating the competition very successfully with cars like the Qashqai, but to go further we will have to tackle the market head on," he said.

"The C segment is an obvious growth area. The Qashqai and Juke will take sales in that market, but tackling it head on means building a car that is better than the VW Golf.

“That’s the challenge we have set ourselves. That project is a long term goal, but it is underway."

Jim Holder

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8 April 2010

Surely the Tiida (not officialy sold in UK) and the Qashqai are the 'Golf rivals' that Nissan offers?

8 April 2010

Funny, just a few years ago Nissan were saying they would only focus on niche vehicles - such as the Qashqai. I'm feeling that there are too many manufacturers who just want a slice of a particular market for the sake of it. The Qashqai is a great car, and I hope Nissan don't ruin everything by introducing something dull to the Golf sector, like the Micra has done to the Polo sector...

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

8 April 2010

[quote Mini1]Funny, just a few years ago Nissan were saying they would only focus on niche vehicles - such as the Qashqai.[/quote]

The problem the Qashqai has is that it doesn't have the crossover market to itself anymore.

I've decided that when I change my car I want to downsize so had a look at the QQ. Nice car but the Yeti was just so much better in most regards. The 3008 (looks aside) is a decent car too. I can only see the QQs long term sales declining so offering a Golf rival as well sounds sensible, as long as it's priced correctly.

8 April 2010

Please make it better than the Tiida (what a stupid name)/Versa (better but too close to Toyota's Verso I think for the UK market).

Although given that the platform under the Tiida is the same platform as the Clio Mk III, I don't know how the Tiida became such a dud.

Oh I know, it's the silly name.

8 April 2010

They actually have a car in that segment in the NA market, but it's a saloon only. It's based on the Megane platform (the Versa/Tiida as already mentioned is Clio) and is actually pretty decent, if a bit overweight. They're due to replace it soon and could easily make a "global" car - use a modified megane platform (it's safe and decent enough) with some lighterweight high tensile steel, manufacture a saloon, hatch, estate so you can offer it in all markets - drop in the diesels from the qumquat, make sure it's less boring than the Almera/new micra and voila. I should be boss... My wife's Sentra looks like this by the way:

Nissan Sentra

8 April 2010

[quote J400uk]Surely the Tiida (not officialy sold in UK) [/quote]

Have you seen them on the road. They're a total noddy car. It's more like a Liana than a Golf

8 April 2010

Yes, as you say, Nissan have a golf rival already and the version of it I have in Russia (Japanese import) is the Bluebird Sylphy. Maybe they could just export this model around the world..

8 April 2010

[quote Autocar]ground once occupied by the Nissan Almera.
[/quote] I should think most people who once bought Almeras are now IN the ground.

8 April 2010

Clearly you haven't been in Ireland recently...

8 April 2010

[quote pdmc]Clearly you haven't been in Ireland recently...[/quote]



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