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More torque and throttle response, plus a higher top speed

Nissan GT-R owners can get more torque, better throttle response, quicker gearchanges and a higher limited top speed thanks to new systems developed by Nismo.

The ECU and Transmission Control Module (TCM) modeule can be fitted to the standard Nissan GT-R and the Spec V higher performance model.

Watch the Nissan GT-R take on the Ford Focus RS on video here

According to Nismo, Nissan's motorsport arm, the ECU increases maximum boost pressure by 0.1 bar to increase low-end torque and enhance throttle response.

The TCM results in quicker downshifts. It also raises the limited top speed for road use to 320 kph – just under 200mph.

At present, the units are limited for use in Japan. Buyers must make a payment of 294,000 yen (about £2000) for a 24-month loan of the units, which can then be returned or rented for a further £220 a year.


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