Seat will replace the Exeo with a more bespoke car
Mark Tisshaw
4 December 2009

Seat’s next-generation Exeo will be less reliant on VW Group technology and be more of a bespoke Seat product, according to a company source.

The current Exeo is essentially a previous-generation Audi A4 and was born out of Seat’s desire to get a saloon car to market quickly under former president, who used to work for Audi, Erich Schmitt.

But our source confirmed that Seat would eventually replace the Exeo with a car that was more of a bespoke Seat product.

“The current Exeo was a very good solution to our desire to get a saloon to market very quickly,” said the source. “We needed to be in that segment and the old A4 was the best option, but its replacement will be very much a Seat product, relying less on VW Group technology.”

The source didn’t put a timescale on when the next Exeo would be launched, but they did confirm it would be developed at its Martorell facility in Spain. They also said that Seat had no plans to repeat what it did with the Exeo on other models.

The source compared the next Exeo to the current-generation Skoda Superb. The original Superb was heavily reliant on borrowing from the Volkswagen Passat, but the current model is much more of a bespoke Skoda product.

Our Verdict

Seat Exeo 2009-2013

It's less expensive than the car on which it is based, but underneath, is the Seat Exeo anything more than a reheated Audi A4? Time to find out

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4 December 2009

VW are missing a trick by not having a brand that does "recycle" cars, although I don't think SEAT are the brand that should be doing it.

I appreciate there is a certain amount of stigma involved considering previous recycled cars (Yugo, original SEAT's etc) but times have moved on and what ever way you look at it, this Exeo is still an amazingly competent product be it an old design or not.



It's all about the twisties........

4 December 2009

The Exeo was an excellent idea as the old A4 was quite a good car and in some respects is still better than the current A4. It is a very good value package and a well screwed together interior. From the side and inside it is a little dated and yes Seat could of been a little more bespoke like new door skin's/door handles updated the centre console controls. Dare I say it what Cadillac did to the Saab 93 to create th BLS.

Next time Seat do need to be more bespoke as they do have a very competant range especially the Ibiza and Leon and they are slowly starting to show more of the sporting side which is what Seat really is all about.

4 December 2009

It's a clever idea to rebadge and freshen the car then sell it through a cheaper brand for 2-3 years.This seems a complete waste of time, money and resource to me. Any of the Audi range would, in the real world, be a good car even in ten years time.

Has the recession not taught these people anything?

4 December 2009

Oh , I get it. They are trying to improve sales of the Exeo by saying the next one will not be as good as this one.

5 December 2009

Gutted if you bought a last gen A4 last year...

28bhp never felt so fast


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