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Charged via a magnetic charging strip laid in the road

This is being billed as the world's first wirelessly charged electric vehicle.

Called the on-line electric vehicle (OLEV), it is powered from an electrical charging strip planted about 5cm under the road surface.

The technology is being piloted in a theme park in Seoul, South Korea.

The OLEV is charged wirelessly over a 400-metre long stretch of electrical strip and runs an additional 400 meters on the charged battery.

The electrical strip creates a magnetic field that generates magnetic force. The magnetic force is sent wirelessly to the vehicle and converted into electricity, which is then used to power the vehicle.

The vehicle's builders say they have undertaken numerous tests to ensure that the magnetic field used in the system poses no health risks.

In the long term the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to introduce OLEVs as part of its public bus transportation system.

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RobotBoogie 17 March 2010

Re: New wireless electric vehicle

It sure would solve the range problem of electric cars and, presuming they are right about the health risks, converting A roads and motorways is perhaps no more blue sky than, for example, creating a hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.

uk_supercar_fan 17 March 2010

Re: New wireless electric vehicle

toot toot!

I've seen the future!

In what parallel reality could this technology ever become the answer for everyday vehicle travel. Fine in a theme park, let's keep it there.

tonym911 17 March 2010

Re: New wireless electric vehicle

Good for lumbago and joint pains though.