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Second Astra variant will reach UK showrooms this summer priced from around £14,500
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12 March 2010

Vauxhall’s new Astra estate, the Sports Tourer, has been spied in Sweden ahead of its launch later this year.

The new car will be the second Astra model in the range, preceding the three-door (to be called Sport Hatch) and the VXR, both of which are due next year.

See the new Vauxhall Astra ST spy pics

Vauxhall design boss Mark Adams described the Astra hatchback as being “more dynamic and emotional than the Golf”. He also said “it's more youthful and fashionable, too”.

Engine options for the estate will mirror the five-door’s, so expect three petrols (from a 1.4 to the 177bhp 1.6) and four diesels. An Ecoflex model will also be added to the range. For the five-door hatch, there was an average drop in CO2 emissions across the range of 13.3 per cent over the outgoing model.

Vauxhall’s engineers have taken a novel approach to the traditional torsion beam rear end in the Astra by using a Watt’s linkage, which helps to increase the overall stiffness of the suspension and improves the handling.

That means the big mounting bushes that connect the beam to the car are softer and more compliant than usual. This has the added effect of cutting noise and increasing comfort.

To improve the handling and boost interior space, the Astra’s front and rear tracks have been increased by 56mm and 70mm respectively over the old model, while its wheelbase has been increased by 71mm. the precise dimensions of the ST have yet to be confirmed, however.

The Sports Tourer will go on sale in the UK this summer. Prices should closely match those of the previous model, so expect the range to start at around £14,500.

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12 March 2010

[quote Autocar]the Sports Tourer,[/quote]

Oh God! not another Sports Tourer, such a nonsense name.

Give us an estate car with a vertical back so it can carry stuff please. A vehicle designed for function is much more stylish than these sad things.

12 March 2010

Oh please no!, bad enough that there's a VXR range, but ST?,everybody's doing an ST version of one of their range, not exactly imaginative, is it?

12 March 2010

Instead of the meaningless Sport Hatch and Sport Tourer, how about just Hatch and Tourer? I'm not sure what Vauxhall think the word Sport means, but I doubt it's of much relevance to an Astra estate...

12 March 2010

ST every time 2 kids 2 Labradors I don’t want to drive around with a box on the back. What do I care kept my 2 seater the kids and dogs can go in the wife’s car. Keeps mine clean.

12 March 2010

what annoys me most about these forums is such negativity! if Vauxhall or any other manufacturer for that fact was to make an estate car car with a square box end it would get slated make a stylish car like this one and it still gets slated! they cant win! Well done Vauxhall it looks good :)

12 March 2010

I personally dislike any GM product with real passion wherever its manufactured, so I will put my hand up to negativity on that front.

Sports Tourer is a stupid name whoever uses it Renault, Vauxhall et al - they have nothing sporty about them. The only decent estate makers are the french, think 504 and CX.

The only estate car made today that can carry off the Sports name is the might Alfa 159 estate.

12 March 2010

[quote Casanova]Instead of the meaningless Sport Hatch and Sport Tourer, how about just Hatch and Tourer? I'm not sure what Vauxhall think the word Sport means, but I doubt it's of much relevance to an Astra estate[/quote]

Have to agree there.The Astra is a fine looking car, but unless you can only get the contraption with the quickest engine they should just stick with the word Tourer. Its an elegant enough word on its own. It doesnt need to be called a Sports Tourer if you can specify the car with some wheezy engine with only 87 or 100 bhp

18 May 2010

the style of vauxhall astra is generally first class. it has an eye-catching design with a more user-friendly. it has a lot of improved auto parts such as its low-speed ride over bumpier roads which is exceptionally absorbent and very quiet.

18 May 2010

Not knocking the car, I'm a Vauxhall fan, but not really an Astra fan. It looks nice, from what i can see. I still wouldn't buy one as I don't need one....

The "Sporthatch" name stems from the 70's Firenza Sportshatchs then later the Cavalier Mk1 Sporthatch.....both only available with (at the time) mor powerful 1800/2000/2300 engines.

Obviusly they've just taken that concept further with the Sports Tourer....

However, I agree that the name shouldn't appear on anything less than a 2.0 version! Other models should just be "estate" as tbh, I wouldn't want to "tour" anywhere with a wheezy 1.4......

18 May 2010

I have no problem with the name it's how things are these days, but I agree with the comment about making it more square at the back in order to maximise load carrying efficiency. Phrases I do have issues with are......

Life Style Vehicle, meaning estate car with roof rails and a tow hook.

Multi Purpose Vehicle, meaning estate car extra cubby holes.

Cross Over Vehicle, meaning estate car with 4 wheel drive and possibly a turbo bolted on for extra zip.


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