Biggest-selling model in Suzuki’s line-up to get new platform tech
21 January 2010

The all-new Suzuki Swift supermini will arrive in the UK at the end of this summer.

Sources within the company describe the new car as “a design evolution of the current model. It looks more grown up, but will have the same sort of appeal.”

The small hatchback is the biggest-selling model in Suzuki’s line-up, accounting for over 54,000 sales in the UK since the car was launched in 2005, and the company makes no secret of how vital the new model is.

It will ride on a completely new platform, and will feature a range of small petrol engines that will utilise advanced variable-valve technology and possibly turbocharging to improve economy and performance.

There are no details regarding the diesel engines available, but with Volkswagen’s recently acquired 20 per cent stake in Suzuki there is speculation that the German maker could provide the diesel tech in the new Swift.

Expect prices to remain competitive, with the range starting at around £10,000.

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Our Verdict

Suzuki Swift 2010-2013

The Suzuki Swift is better than ever - but is that good enough, when the crowded supermini segment is filled with excellent alternatives?

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21 January 2010

The 1.6 swift sport is a good car. Interested to see what the replacement for that is, i would guess if they have a new engine for it, it would be small and turbo, or if they dont have the money then just make the economy/emissions technology better.

If they make the swift lighter they are onto a good thing.

21 January 2010

Will there be any VW parts I wonder?

21 January 2010

[quote beachland2]The 1.6 swift sport is a good car.[/quote]

Just bought a year old one for the missus and it is fab. Such a hoot and such good value.

The only downside are the emissions and the mpg is averaging 33.

The problem is it goads you to floor it everywhere! The bark is intoxicating. You always leave it with a big grin.

Can have so much fun AND stay legal. Real old school manners.

So as you say an improvement on the emmisions etc is required but hopefully not at the expence of the fun factor.

 NeVeR L8te Smile

21 January 2010

The internet suggests the petrol engine will go to 97kw/130bhp. Which is fine, thats the same as the twingo RS. Just needs to be lighter. Hope Suzuki dont go overboard on the standard specification.

22 January 2010

Excellent news.

In my opinion, Suzuki is the most improved brand of the decade, rather than what most would suggest, Skoda.

I've owned 5 Suzukis', amongst others, in the past 20 years or so. I've always found them, low cost, reliable and fun in a sort of 'quriky' way. I would even include the oddly named, Liana in this.

I look forward to seeing the new Swift to replace the current excellent model.

3 March 2010

For such a good little car I'm surprised it never found more buyers over the last 5 years. Deserved to do better.

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