Reports say GM will rebadge the 9-5 if Saab is closed down
30 December 2009

GM is considering selling the latest Saab 9-5 as a Buick in America, according to reports in Sweden.

The Saab 9-5 is ready for launch, but it faces an uncertain future as GM will decide if it will either sell Saab or close it down within the next few days.

Any buyer of the company is likely to keep the 9-5 within its portfolio, but, according to Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri, if GM closes Saab it will rebadge the 9-5 as a Buick model.

The latter option would give it an opportunity to recoup some of its development costs for the car.

Dagens Industri is also reporting that GM has told Saab's suppliers that it expects it to take five years for the company to be fully wound down, if that is the course of action it takes.

However, GM's talks with prospective buyers - including Spyker - are said to be ongoing.

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30 December 2009

The final insult.

30 December 2009

Am interested as to where this would fit in the Buick line-up. They have the "regal" due out which is basically a re-badged Insignia. Larger than that they have the LaCrosse (same platform as Regal, just longer). Just wondering how it would work with price points and sizes etc. Would Europe not be a more natural market? Maybe even badged Cadillac or Chevy? A decent range topper with the chevy badge would do wonders for the image in Europe, though sales would probably bomb.

30 December 2009

Believe it or not, the same report is also suggesting that the 9-5 could be recycled as a flagship for Opel - return of the Senator, no less.

Apparently, GM has told suppliers that Saab will be wound down over five years, which might mean the 9-5 and, possibly, the Mexican-built 9-4x could live on under different badges.

The 9-5 was originally intended to be built in Germany alongside the Insignia, with the extra volume from the Saab making a crucial difference to the profitability of the plant.

There's got to be a good chance that the car will sell to existing Saab buyers, even if it has a different badge. And I'm sure Saab re-badging kits will appear on ebay within weeks....

One of the 30-odd Trollhatten-built new 9-5s has also been seen parked up in Stockholmå-besök-i-stockholm/

There's also quite a neat video here...

...of what we might be missing.

The Saab fan oracle, Aussie-based website have also started up this anti-GM site

30 December 2009

[quote HiltonH]Believe it or not, the same report is also suggesting that the 9-5 could be recycled as a flagship for Opel - return of the Senator, no less.[/quote] To me that would be a move that makes sense, sort of. Volumes would be low, but would at least recoup some of the cost of development. Prices in Europe are higher than the US, allowing better profit margins. Some of us also remember the old Omega and Senators pretty favourably. Is there any more mileage in the 9-3? Haven't they just realised the 9-3x. Then again, I don't think GM deserve anything out of SAAB, I feel they treated them very badly.

30 December 2009

I forgot to add to my previous post my thanks for you adding information to the article HiltonH - always much appreciated.

30 December 2009

Well if they're going to make the 9-5 and the 9-4X anyway, and it's going to take five years to wind down Saab, they might as well sell those models as Saabs as well and see how it goes. They might just sell well enough to make it worth carrying on.

30 December 2009

Interesting idea, but it would be best if saab could get out of gm's clutches, and run for the hills

30 December 2009

This car could do quite well if they badge it a Cadillac and release it globally.

30 December 2009

I fear that GM will fail, yet again, by simply trying to re-badge one of its cars to sell under a different brand. This car looked to be the best attempt Saab has had under GM to design a car which actually resembled the Saabs of old. Even from the photos, it had an immediate Saab-ness that the 9-3 lacked. Plopping a Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet or Opel badge on it, with only GM's usual superficial bumper alterations, won't actually convince anyone.

If they want to utilise this new platform, they really need to invest even more money and do the job properly. But seeing how GM has managed this sort of thing in the past, I can almost guarantee it won't happen. It will be a light re-skin that will bomb ignominiously in every market they try to sell it.

30 December 2009

A B S O L U T E JOKE!!! If GM do this, that's the final straw. And I already thought it was the final straw shutting down SAAB when there's still a deal to be had! Clowns.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."


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