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NEVS-backed car resumes production in Sweden; petrol variants to be replaced with all-electric model in 2014

The Saab 9-3 has restarted series production at the firm's Trollhättan plant in Sweden.

According to media reports, Saab owners National Electric Vehicle Sweden has said output at the facotry will resume at a "humble" pace, with the option to increase capacity over time. 

The move comes following the successful production of two 9-3 prototype saloons back in September. The first cars to be created at the site since the production line was closed in 2011, the two saloons were intended to show that NEVS had re-built the Saab supplier chain necessary to produce new cars.

Although for the moment any 9-3s produced at the site will use the same 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine used in the pre-collapse cars, NEVS will switch production to an all-electic variant from next year. The new car will initially be aimed at the Chinese market, with the first batch of cars already pre-sold to government agencies in the country.

Current plans suggest the company will launch the new 9-3 for Europe at the Frankfurt motor show in 2015.

The new 9-3 cars will still be badged as Saab, as part of the agreement reached when NEVS took over the company. NEVS is forbidden from using the Griffin badge, however, and cannot rename itself to Saab at any point.

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Doctor Who 5 December 2013


There is a (another) facelift to make the car look different to the 9-3 they sold before the collapse but as that facelift is not just to change the looks (but also to comply with the new EU pedestrian safety regulations) it was not ready. It will be ready when they launch the electric version of this car next year (and will be applied to the ICE version too). The decision was made to start production before the facelift was ready as that was more cost effective than waiting.
ahaus 5 December 2013

Good Luck!

Too bad the new 9-3 doesn't look that much different from the 9-3 just before SAAB collapsed. To be successful and survive SAAB still have to do a lot more than relying on an 11-year-old design that was already out-matched by its competitors back when they filed for bankruptcy. As much I love the SAAB brand and happy it didn't die an unjust death, I wished NEVS had the resources to take one of SAAB's later stunning concept cars into production to grab the attention of the auto world and both new and old customers. Not launching a large luxury car in China is a big mistake and will also lose out on a huge market.
WarrenL 4 December 2013

There's an awful lot of

There's an awful lot of naysaying and a great deal of misinformation in the comments so far. For an insight into just what's happening at NEVS/Saab, pop over to You will find all the facts: these cars are NOT cobbled together from old parts; production is initially being established at 10 cars per week and ramping up from there; a facelifted 9-3 and new models are on the way; how the 9-3 is going to be marketed in the EU; and the reasons why an ICE model is being produced first. Even though the jury will remain out for a while yet, there are many more reasons to be positive about the venture than some commenters have suggested. I wish NEVS well.