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The road-legal Sin R1 features a 6.2-litre V8 engine producing 444bhp and can reach 62mph in 3.5 seconds

The Sin R1 road car, a 444bhp lightweight sports car, is on sale for £72,000.

The V8-engined sports car, which was revealed in pre-production form but described as being "very close" to the final product late last year, will be assembled in the UK. The R1 road car is a collaboration between Sin Cars and British supplier ProFormance Metals.

Powering the R1 is a Chevrolet-sourced 6.2-litre V8 engine producing 444bhp. Sin says the R1 has a top speed of around 170mph and that it's capable of 0-62mph in just 3.5sec. Officials also claim the R1 is capable of returning up to 24mpg.

The V8 is mated to a six-speed manual transmission, which drives the rear wheels. Paddle-shifted sequential options will be introduced in the future. The car weighs 1100kg, and uses an FIA-homologated tubular spaceframe chassis. Its aerodynamic bodywork is made of carbon composites.

Other features include bespoke 19-inch alloy wheels, performance brakes, a Formula 1-style FIA-approved fuel tank, adjustable double wishbone suspension and an interior that features carbonfibre trim and two leather sports seats with racing harnesses.

The road-going R1 is the sister car to Sin’s GTB racer, which this year competed in the GT Cup Championship, driven by company boss Rosen Daskalov.  

The racing version, which costs £110,000, features unique bodywork and a modified chassis, but Sin officials stress that the road car uses many of the same technologies developed for the racer. A GT4-class Sin car is also in development.

The track-only racing version of the R1 made its debut at the Autosport show in 2013, and made its dynamic debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. An early prototype model of the road-going R1 was revealed at the Autosport show in January 2014.

Speaking to Autocar, Daskalov said: “Our idea is not to produce something like a hypercar, we want a car that is well balanced and that will feel good on the corners and at high speeds. This can only be done using race car technology."

“We didn’t want a car which has a lot of luxury inside, and comes with a lot of leather and toys. This car is unique, it is very close to the race experience. If you want to take it on a track day you don’t need to spent lots of money.

Sin says it is ready to make up to 120 cars annually.

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Peter Cavellini 23 October 2014

Ho hum..........

Tops out at 170mph?,0-60 in 3.5sec,has a 6.2 litre engine?,444bhp,all for £72,000?,who are they kidding?,i hope there's meaner,faster one in the Pipe Line.
RuthRMontgomery 20 December 2013

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289 20 December 2013

"Each model of the Sin R1

"Each model of the Sin R1 will cost £60,000, with the model likely to be produced in strictly limited numbers".

.....I should think so, strictly limited by lack of orders!

BenS1 23 October 2014

Not a lot of Power

That's not a lot of power for such a big engine... these days you'd expect a specific output of at least 100bhp per litre,

If they are happy with 444bhp then why not go with a smaller and lighter engine (Something in the 3.x - 4.x litre range), or if they like having a 6+ litre engine in there then make it at least 600bhp.

Leslie Brook 20 December 2013

289 wrote:"Each model of the

289 wrote:

"Each model of the Sin R1 will cost £60,000, with the model likely to be produced in strictly limited numbers".

.....I should think so, strictly limited by lack of orders!

To be fair to them, @ £60k that's a hell of a lot of "bang for the buck". Usually when you read about these low volume supercars from manufacturers you've never hear of they want about 5 times that.

hitar_potar 23 October 2014

The Sin is made here in Ruse,

The Sin is made here in Ruse, Bulgaria, and they use a Shevy engine as it is a stronge and powerful one. 6 litres and 450 bhp - that's what you get in a Corvette. In fact, this is the engine of the Corvette. And they also offer a supercharger kit for it, but i think they haven't seriously tested it yet. but expectations are the engine would go beyond 600bhp, probably closer to 700. :)
289 20 December 2013

@ Leslie Brook

...yes Leslie it is a big bang for the buck, but it doesn't do anything an Ultima GTR doesn't do already ...and has done for years. And this car has already all the street cred it needs.
Therefore if you take the number of Ultima sales per year, and being VERY generous divide that by two you end up with...not a lot!
Peter Cavellini 10 January 2014

Here's a question........!

Still got to get by the kit car look, i know, i know, kit cars are well built in most cases,and trying not to be perceived as one is tricky,but, having only to all intensive purposes is just 1to 1 scale model road car doesn't help there image,it sounded,looked good going up the Hill at Goodwood,but, they really need a Road car in the metal.