First pictures of Mercedes S-class; on sale 2011
Mark Tisshaw
12 February 2010

These are the first spy pictures of the new Mercedes S-class, due on sale next year.

With the car at an early stage of its test development, it is still wearing heavy camouflage. As a result it is hard to draw any definitive conclusions about its styling. However, it is safe to assume that the protruding headlights are a decoy, as they wouldn't pass pedestrian impact regulations.

However, Mercedes previously showed the F700 concept as long ago as the 2007 Frankfurt motor show. The S-class-sized saloon had several exaggerated styling features, including a low roof and huge, elongated cabin, but details such as smaller headlights and an upright grille could make production.

It's also known that Mercedes is planning a plug-in hybrid S-class. With the anticipated weight reductions and aerodynamic improvements, the plug-in version is likely to turn in impressive economy figures: over 80mpg and less than 100g/km of CO2 are being talked about by insiders.

There won’t be a purely electric version, though.

Less expensive versions of the next S-class will also be offered with Mercedes’ next generation of six and eight-cylinder petrol engines. All will have direct injection, use stop-start and will be capable of being turbocharged or used in conjunction with electric motors. The company claims they will provide 10 per cent more power, 25 per cent more torque and 25 per cent better economy than existing petrol motors.

Our Verdict

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The Mercedes S-Class is a fine luxury car and a technological masterstroke. It is calm but rewarding

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12 February 2010

[quote Autocar]due on sale next year[/quote]

Next year? I thought Merc's saloon life cycle was 7 years - the current S-Class was launched in 2005. Either way it's probably a safe bet to say the daddy of the luxury sector for the last 35 years is about to get even better. Again. Easily the best in class currently, if not the world.

12 February 2010


You hog lanes and you drive an S Class...?

I know you, don't I...?


12 February 2010

[quote Lanehogger].... Easily the best in class currently, if not the world.


[/quote] Is it?

12 February 2010

Under all that disguise the styling looks like a tidier evolution of the current car; at least those awful rear wheel arches appear to have been toned down.

12 February 2010

I'm always amused to see pixilated number plates on these "spy"shots. I mean - what's the point?

12 February 2010

now i am sorry but the new 7, as good as it is cannot hope to cosset its passengers as well as the mighty s-class and niether can the new a8 or xj!

12 February 2010

Boring, boring, boring! Another Uberwagan from Mercedes. So what?

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