First moving images of hybrid sports car
31 December 2009

These are the first pictures of the production version of Honda’s new CR-Z hybrid sports car, according to reports on Japanese websites.

The pictures are reported to be taken from a promotional video for the car, and confirm that visual changes from the concept are minimal – only different front and rear lights and alloy wheels, as well as minor modifications to its front feature. LED front and rear lights will make production.

See the Honda CR-Z leaked video pictures

See the Honda CR-Z leaked brochure pics

Details have been scarce so far on its tech features, but a leaked sales brochure recently confirmws that the production Honda CR-Z will be powered by the 1.5-litre i-VTEC four-cylinder engine mated to a six-speed manual gearbox seen in the concept. It produces, according to the brochure, 113bhp at 6000rpm and 107lb ft at 4800rpm.

Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist electric motor adds a further 13bhp at 1500rpm and 58lb ft at 1000rpm. The brochure also claims the CR-Z will get from 0-62mph in 9.7sec.

The interior will glow three different colours depending on which mode is selected: Econ, Normal or Sport.

Dimensions have also been revealed in the brochure. The Honda CR-Z will have a 2435mm wheelbase, a length of 4080mm, a width of 1740mm and a height of 1395mm.

The production car will be launched at next month’s Detroit motor show before sales start in April with a price tag of around £18,000.

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Our Verdict

Hybrids aren’t usually cars to quicken the blood

The Honda CR-Z is as intriguing and appealing to drive as hybrids currently get

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1 January 2010

Wing mirrors look enormous!! Happy new year everyone.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

1 January 2010

Official brochure pictures, seriously busy dashboard.

1 January 2010

I hate the way Honda have started plonking great bit satellite navigation screens in the middle of the dashboard where the shapes don't even match! It looks extremely stuck-on in these pictures, almost aftermarket. At least the one they used in the Civic was a bit more inkeeping! Overall, it's looking a bit too similar to the Insight in my opinion, and I'm beginning to get a bit fed up of those clear see-through rear lights. Why not stick with red or something darker?

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

1 January 2010

I think it looks quite attractive and i dont normally go for japanese product.

I do think the stylist perhaps spent a little too long studying the current Megane coupe though, it does look very similar to me.

1 January 2010

Like it, though perhaps a bit too much going on, what is with lining car interiors out with plastic cladding? Would it not be lighter if you could see the metal of the doors, also be nicer if it had been a bit simpler like the beat or the S2000.

1 January 2010

[quote humphrey the pug]seriously busy dashboard.[/quote]

I really like the exterior styling, particularly the front, but I'm not sure about the interior. I like the driver environment, but that satnav really spoils it.

1 January 2010

very honda.


1 January 2010

Inside: very 2000's version of my late lamented NSX - all sub-Citroen CX pods

Outside: ruined that great snout from the show car by changing from a one piece bonnet that reached the bottom of the lights

to a bonnet that stops at the top of the headlights and sticking in a plastic blanking panel that looks like a plastic blanking panel... I understand why but this is no longer a dramatic looking car but a dramatically cheap looking car. Combine that with how incredibly slow it will be and I for one will not be having one

1 January 2010

Looks quite R8'ish at the front but the rest is very identifiably Honda.Like the look of it, even like the 80's retro interior but agree the LCD plonked right in the middle doesn't look very useful- unless they do a mercedes style split screen thing so the passenger can watch TV/DVD and the driver just see's the Sat Nav. I just know tho in 10 yrs boyracers will be moding them.

1 January 2010

Wonder if the Sport,Normal and Econ selector buttons change the driving characteristics of this new coupe-hybrid?

Very similiar small-coupe niche car as what the Puma and Tigra were in the mid-late 90`s/early00`s...Not too many of these types of vehicles on the market at the moment, the only direct competitor at £18k mark, and thats a hatch would be a VW Scirocco 1.4TSi at £19750...Maybe the new Peugeot RCZ dependent on pricing confirmation.

If Honda can produce this car at £18k, then its not going to have any difficulty selling!


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