Currently reading: New Daihatsu Move launched in Japan
Toyota’s subsidiary company, Daihatsu, has unveiled its new Move in Japan

Toyota’s subsidiary company, Daihatsu, has unveiled its new Move in Japan.

Power comes courtesy of a 0.66-litre petrol unit - featuring stop-start - and produces 51bhp and 44lb ft of torque.

Shorter in length than Fiat’s 500, the Move is available with either front or four-wheel drive and is said to be the most efficient petrol car in Japan, the company claims.

Compared with its predecessor, the new Move is 35kg lighter, thanks to weight reductions in its instrument panel and door trim as well as the CVT unit and other components.

Prices in Japan will start at approximately £8000.

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Flash Harry 17 December 2010

Re: New Daihatsu Move launched

It is a pity Daihatsu is so rare in Europe these days.I remember at one stage they were very competitive in the small car market.I think Toyota should take more of an interest in this brand rather than let it fade away

jelly7961 17 December 2010

Re: New Daihatsu Move launched

thebaldgit wrote:
This looks like another Japanese car which is designed for the crowded Japanese streets ie tall and skinny a wardrobe on wheels

Which is exactly why it is PERFECT in Tokyo
Mr£4worth 16 December 2010

Re: New Daihatsu Move launched

Paul123 wrote:

n50pap wrote:
Are Daihatsu still importing cars into the UK?

The last new Daihatsus were imported to the UK in late 2009. The importer cites unfavourable exchange rates as the reason why imports have ceased. They're not ruling out future imports, but apparently there are no plans to resume them at the moment.

That explains why Daihatsu's UK sales in 2010 are 90-odd per cent down on 2009, as there have only been old-stock models available. And I think they've now almost sold out. Seems a shame,when you think how long Daihatsu has been selling cars in Britain.

too right. The Daihastsu Campagnolo or something was the first jap car in the UK in 1966. We bought a new Charade in 2003, it was absolutely brilliant 50 mpg if caned, 62mpg if driven on a run and almost 2CV levels of lean and understeer through the bends. I think we did about 40,000 miles in total (passed car on to our son) and we still got a cracking trade in after 3 years. Never forget Daihatsu lead the world in cheap and nasty plastic interiors! The best bit of Daihatsu? The willing little engines, and high spec for the money. I'd have another.