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Sports kit to cost £3315 when it goes on sale next month
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15 February 2010

More details on the BMW M3 Competition Package have been released.

Available on the M3 coupe, the £3315 kit lowers the suspension by 10mm, and includes lighter alloy wheels, a new sport mode within the Electronic Damping Control system and a revised stability control program.

See the BMW M3 Competition Package pictures

In addition, all new M3s will get stop-start, which drops average fuel consumption by eight per cent and lowers CO2 emissions by 24g/km.

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15 February 2010

When these type of kits are available it would be nice if the company gave an idea of how much benefit they are. They should quote what time the car does around the test track compared to standard, as also with the optional carbon fibre spoilers to see if any difference, then with plastic spoilers to see if there is any difference in performance between carbon or plastic...

stuff like that.

15 February 2010

It's for those that find the backache given by the standard sports suspension is for whimps, so I'll spend another £3k and get the full affect. It should come with a lifetime subscription to Nurofen.

15 February 2010

These should simply be options, not a pack.

I'd rather not have the lowered suspension, since a Caterham or the like is the ideal type of car to use for track stuff, and a slightly more aggressive set-up won't offer an overall advantage on the road.

If it's your only car and you do a lot of track days, you can then tick all the options.

15 February 2010

How hot and expensive do you like your chilli?, isn't the standard model not good enough?, i suppose if you 've got money to burn, why not?,

15 February 2010

They should be chucking this "pack" in for nothing to try and shift a few more cars ... the only ones that seem to be "bought" now are BMW management cars ...

15 February 2010

they should actually be reducing the price of the M3 it seems to be very scarce compared to the last model to try to shift them i dont why though its stunning in coupe form

15 February 2010

Looks good, would suit a red leather interior with that shade of blue. This stop/start business- how does it affect the air con on a hot day- as soon as you turn the engine off on any car that doesn't have solar panels the air con cuts out and you're just left with warm air blowing in your moosh

5 May 2010

yep,they should be reducing the price or they might very well find hardly any buyers. after having bought a mercedes a couple of years back i find that this bmw would be really expensive overall. for now i bought myself boat vehicles to take my family off the shores. a bit heavy investment but hope to make a good return on it.

21 May 2010

the car is excellent! all its car parts are very impressive! the design of the m3 looks heavier and more powerful. im sure the undoubted highlight of this new car is the engine.

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