Nurburgring shots show new supercar in all its glory
23 September 2009

More spy photos of the production Lexus LF-A supercar pounding round the Nurburgring have emerged.

The Lexus LF-A, which will go on sale in October priced around £300,000, will be officially unveiled at the Tokyo Motor show next month and just 500 examples will be built over the next two or three years, depending on how long it takes to sell that many cars.

See the new Lexus LF-A production car spy gallery here

See the previous Lexus LF-A production car spy gallery here

See the Lexus LF-A race car image gallery here

20 cars are earmarked for the UK, starting in early 2010, and each owner being introduced to their car at a private circuit in Spain by one of Toyota’s hand-picked driving superstars.

The car, which began life in 2003, will be fitted with a 5.0-litre V10 engine that can be revved to an extraordinary 9,000rpm.

Lexus engineers are confident the unit will produce around 550bhp with ease and with a power to weight ratio 366.6bhp per tonne performance should be up with a Ferrari 599, the car’s main competitor.

Stopping power is expected to come courtesy of carbon ceramic rotors sitting behind 20-inch wheels.

Suspension is by double wishbones and coil-over dampers at the front with a multi-link arrangement and coil-over dampers at the back.

The chassis-tub is made from carbon composite, which will give the Lexus LF-A with one of the stiffest shells in production car history, and the outer body skin will be made from aluminium.

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22 September 2009

curious why, when so much of the car is stripped of disguise, they bothered taping up all the lights to mask their outline and obscured the (still visible) logos. apart from anything else - some of the taping gives the effect of really dodgy panel fitting at first glance which isn't what you'd be looking for in a 200+ grand car :-)

really not convinced about this matt paintwork fad at the moment - on some cars it seems to work and others - like this - not so much. It's a useful tool on test cars to confuse the eye and mask subtleties in the styling as it presents very little contrast - but that's about it.

22 September 2009

really, really bad looking car.

for such amount of money, there are out there better options... even the GT-R looks beautiful, at least as better balance on looks.

(and yes, people with money as mind, taste & sense)

the gas-filler cover is a design icon...


it's a Toyota, and everything is said...

22 September 2009

Do we need to spend this amount of money to this kind of performance?, other car makers have produced cars that have this kind of performance for less than a third of this projected asking price, even if i was well off, i think i'd be buying something i want as apposed to what i was expected to buy.I know we all like to see these types of car, i do too, it's just when you see or read about the next great move in car tech you think,that's a lot of money for a car, i suppose if you can afford it then why not, nobody can tell you what to do with your money.

Peter Cavellini.

22 September 2009

£250,000, for a Toyota?

Are they on crack?

22 September 2009

Man ... that's ugly!

22 September 2009

The excitement of this car expired long ago. Longest concept in history....

Looks more aggressive as time passes, more GTR, compared to the original luxury look when this saga began.

22 September 2009

[quote Peter Cavellini]Do we need to spend this amount of money to this kind of performance?[/quote]

My thoughts exactly. What we have is a car priced like a supercar to rival Murcielagos, Zondas, Apollos etc, but delivers the power and performance of cars from the class below such as Gallardos, McLarens, 911s and 458s.

22 September 2009

£300k for a toyota with only 550 bhp? Come on........

22 September 2009

Seems to be an accelerating trend, the £200K supercar. There's obviously a market; companies like Toyota don't enter into a new segment without some serious research to convince management.

I'm a little concerned though, that after all the cool matt-black prototypes the real painted thing ain't going to be quite so cool. If they actually bring it to market in matt black I'll never say a bad word about a Toyota ever again..

22 September 2009

[quote michael knight] Seems to be an accelerating trend, the £200K supercar[/quote] As does the £1million Supercar!


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