Currently reading: Mitsubishi Evo axed to usher in successor
Mitsubishi's UK MD revealed that attention has now turned to the Evo X’s successor, and the UK is keen to become involved in 
its development

The Mitsubishi Evo X will 
be axed from the UK price list once the last 10 units left in stock have been sold.

Imports have now ceased due to the strength of the Japanese yen. Mitsubishi UK looked at ways to keep the car on UK sale — including with no profit margin — but decided to discontinue it.

Lance Bradley, Mitsubishi UK’s managing director, told Autocar: “We used to sell the Evo for £30k; now we would have to charge £60k.”

Bradley revealed that attention has now turned to the Evo X’s successor, and the UK is keen to become involved in 
its development.

The standard Lancer will be launched in 2014, but the Evo performance version is still not signed off for production.

“The UK is an exceptionally important market for the Evo,” said Bradley. “In our peak year we sold 1400 units.”

Should it be signed off, the next Evo is set to ditch its famed high-revving turbo petrol engine in favour of a hybrid drivetrain, and possibly even feature a diesel engine.

It is likely to remain a four-door rather than switch to a hatchback, Bradley confirmed.


By Stuart Milne

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Flash Harry 10 July 2012

I agree with DVB99 that the

I agree with DVB99 that the current Evo looks great and hope Mitsubishi do produce a worthy successor.We know it will handle but i hope they use a different style to the nonedescript Outlander.

kcrally 10 July 2012

Probably because Mitsubishi

Probably because Mitsubishi having been making heavy losses for the past few years.

Symanski 10 July 2012

The anti-salesman.

When the Evo X was launched I was desperate for a test drive, being a Subaru owner and looking to change cars.   The hatchback Subaru didn't suit me, the Evo X looked the ideal alternative.

I visited the show room in Hamilton and the sales guy talked himself out of a sale.   Apparently they're unreliable and you've got to expect repair bills in the thousands of pounds.   Frequently too.

The test drive?   You were not allowed to deviate from the perscribed route, not allowed to drive the car fast.   Not allowed to accelerate.   Not allowed to explore any of it's performance.   Sales guy had been to Prodrive and experience all of it's performance so there was no need for you to try.   I didn't bother with the test drive or the car.

Next stop was the BMW garage, Menzies of Stirling.   Sales man couldn't have been more helpful and I bought from him.