Currently reading: Mid-engined Volvo S60 revealed
Race team develops 410bhp, rear-driver car for Belgian series

The new Volvo S60 has been turned into a 410bhp, mid-engined touring car racer.

The car has been developed by Volvo's Belgian S60 Racing Team to meet Belgian Touring Car Series regulations, and will make its race debut this weekend.

See the Volvo S60 racer pictures

The series is essentially for silhouette racers, meaning that all cars competing must use the same tubular chassis, front and rear suspension and have equalised aerodynamic performance.

The Volvo S60 racer has a mid-mounted V6 with 410bhp and 304lb ft of torque at 5500rpm. A six-speed sequential gearbox drives the rear-wheels.

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beachland2 7 April 2010

Re: Mid-engined Volvo S60 revealed

They must make a BTCC version of this car, great stuff. Would really push the model and brand in the UK.

They could use Fords new 2.0 turbo engine which will be used in the next RS.

No more estate cars!

Jon Hardcastle 7 April 2010

Re: Mid-engined Volvo S60 revealed

Wow, this is very nice. A street ready version please.

fuzzybear 7 April 2010

Re: Mid-engined Volvo S60 revealed

Yes, it looks great! Wonder what it would be like to drive