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New Nissan supermini will be priced extremely competitively next to its competition

The new Nissan Micra will be “priced to be extremely competitive against the competition”, according to a Nissan source.

The firm is eager to position its all-new supermini as an affordable choice for new drivers. Developed and built on Nissan’s all-new, global V-platform, the new Micra was designed and tested in Japan will initially be built in Thailand, India, Mexico and China.

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Just two engines will be available in Europe - a 79bhp 1.2-litre, three-cylinder petrol engine with 80lb ft of torque. It emits 115g/km of CO2.

A supercharged 97bhp 1.2-litre direct injection petrol engine with a start-stop system is also available with 105lb ft of torque. It emits 95g/km of CO2.

Both engines are available with either a five-speed manual or Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

Optional kit will include reverse parking sensors, a new ‘parking space measurement’ (PSM) device with three skill levels (amateur, normal and expert), a touch-screen combined audio and satellite navigation system, glass roof, automatic wipers, speed sensitive volume on the audio, and a push button start-stop system.

Sales of the New Micra/March will begin in Thailand in March, with European sales starting in the autumn.

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artill 19 April 2010

Re: Micra pricing 'very competitive'

I think this will do very well. For the people its aimed at, a good name for reliability and a low price are all that really matter. that you will be able to get one and not pay road tax will only help. It might not appeal to most of us on here, but dont forget the world loves boring cars. And they still have the Juke for those who want something with a bit of 'something' about it.

Lesbert 19 April 2010

Re: Micra pricing 'very competitive'

Suprising that Nissan is going the cheap car channel. It might be necessary in third world countries, but it might damage their image in western markets.

Am I correct in thinking that Nissan has a higher quality image that it's sister Renault ?

Now it seems to want to reinvent itself as a competitor to brands like Tata, Geely and Hyundai. When they dream of moving upmarket !

The market is moving down in size, with high demands on fuel economy. It's still demanding the same quality and features as on larger cars though.

Not sure it's a wise move by Nissan long term.

Then again, as my old boss used to say, " Sales are now, long term we're all dead".

VX220EDDIE 19 April 2010

Re: Micra pricing 'very competitive'

certainly would have to be this car is a step back in the looks department alone! reminds me a bit like a perodua! not good